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  1. for those of us that work hard at getting best mpg we turn AC off whenever we can and that requires quite a few steps. The prius has an AC button on the dash. Very easy to use.
  2. Mine is just a Daylight savings time button...No auto adjust anywhere.
  3. No...the issue is that they went to the work to create a DAYLIGHT SAVINGS TIME Button, so I expected that with that button selected that it would adjust the time. My point was, why bother, I can just adjust the clock like any other clock, except for my watch that is a fraction of the cost of the car!
  4. I was shocked Sunday morning to get in my car and see the wrong time. People online were saying that Lexus hadn't updated to the new dates and if that were true, our clocks would have turned back weeks ago. I was amazed that my solar powered G-Shock watch changed the time properly and when I got to my car, it still was set to DST. I have adapted to the one power outlet and the lack of storage space in the car. I knew those things when I purchased it. I leave my Garmin GPS up because I can enter a location while the car is moving and it also gives me free traffic and on most major roads and all highways & Freeways it gives me the speel limit too. I have found easy ways around the iPod interface that really wasn't thought out by someone that listens to an iPod and I have found ways to get get over 40mpg on most tanks of gas, yet can't believe that their is a button that I have to push to change the time. Why not just let us manually adjust it like I do on my 88 Accord and my stove, why take the time to program a button, yet not automate it??? (the only two things left that don't do it automatically) A confused owner of 7 weeks and over 4K miles.
  5. We have Bradziol here and they always have good people working on the cars. Not all fast oil change places are created equal, but to skimp on oil make NO SENSE AT ALL! I have used synthetic since the 70's and never had an issue. I even blew a head and the rest of the engine w/170k was like new when we got into it. Didn't replace anything but the head...not bad for 170k!