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  1. I just did the valve cover gaskets on my 97 ES300. You will have to remove the upper intake plenum, and set it aside. Once thats done you should be able to get at all the bolts to remove the valve cover. They are in a kind of hard spot, but I didn't have too many problems getting at all the bolts. Just take your time and you should be all set.
  2. You should check the ABS wheel sensor on the left rear wheel. Chances are when the strut was replaced the wheel sensor got damaged or the wire broken, and the sensor may need to be replaced or cleaned. Either way when the ABS system detects a problem it will disable traction control as traction control relies on the ABS system for it to work correctly. The ABS wheel sensor will be located on the back side of the lower suspension setup, behind the hub. You won't miss it as it's the only sensor that has a wire running to it and is located on the rear of the suspension setup. Feel free to remove
  3. I tested the heater circuit as the FSM says to, looking for resistance across the two terminals. I got no resistance, so I am assuming the sensor needs to be replaced? And is there a way to hook a universal up to it?
  4. Greetings all, I recently had the check engine light come on with the code P0141. This indicated a heater malfunction in Bank 1 Sensor 2. This would be the post catalyst sensor. I plan to measure resitances in the heater circuit. I also unplugged the sensor and plugged it back in, just to make sure there wasn't a contact problem. If the o2 sensor turns out to be no good, I do plan to replace it. Here is my issue. I have a few new O2 sensors kicking around. I do have a couple universals. I noticed the color code on the ES300 sensor was 2 blacks, a white, and a blue wire. The universal o2 has
  5. Thanks for the replies. It has been years since I have had a vehicle with drum brakes, but I do recall how they operate and I should be able to fix the problem. When I pressed the e-brake, the pedal travels to the floor but it feels like it has little resistance. With the brake all the way on, the car will still roll smoothly, so I suspect that the cables are not hooked up, or the brake components are damaged. I will be able to find out more when I tear into it this weekend. I will post back with my results. Thanks again for the pointers.
  6. The FSM for my 97 does indeed make refrence to a differential. However, it's not a common style of differential you would find on a traditional RWD or 4x4 vehicle. That said, a google search uncovered the information I posted above and also information that there does appear to be a seperate differential unit, if you will. It only holds around 1.7 quarts when drained, and is a pain in the behind to fill as the hole appears to be small. However I have also read that the way to fill it is from the transmission dipstick tube, but there is much conflicted information about it, as the information a
  7. Hello all, I have a 1997 ES300. I noticed some noise from the rear brakes, like they are dragging. Sometimes when I am going real slow not even using the brakes, I can hear a groan/whine from the rear (like when you first get in your car and it's been raining, the brakes make that kind of noise). The groan/whine isn't a huge deal and doesnt happen all the time but it would be good to fix it. It usually happens at low speeds and when I touch the brakes it begins to make the noise. If I let off on the brakes it still makes the noise as the car is rolling slowly, but once I stop and go again it
  8. The transmission and differential both use ATF. Not sure where the fill plug is, sorry. Looked through my FSM and could not find a good refrence. ETA: Here is info I found on a different forum relating to a Solara V6...use at your own risk! Hope this helps.
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