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  1. Does anyone know about the Bridgestone Driveguard? I have to ride smooth :) don't want to make a bad rough riding choice.
  2. I purchased 93V. No, they didn't up the pressure it's still 30/31. I'll just deal with it, other things in life are more important than my dang tires. Thx so much for all the replies. TTYL
  3. I know its to late now but I think I should've bought the 94V, I read that somewhere. Also, I read that increasing to 36PSI may help. Whatcha think on the PSI?
  4. Ooooo yeah!! Now if I can only get the tires right. TTYL
  5. Thats so funny a dress. :chairshot: Of course that wouldn't do for me and I know that was just a joke. :) You know I really don't know I would be so scared I wouldn't make it to the facility to pick up the check. :) I want a nice 2 seater with the hard top that comes down, off, or whatever it does. Bently for everyone (3 of us) and that's only cause I seen one on TV and it seems thats what the wealthy drive. LOL. I'd buy hubby a suit too. I can see my baby girl (21) in a Porsche or of course the Bently. I'd have to hire someone to ride my dog in his own vehicle. My other family m
  6. OMG, I'm GOOOOOD. :P I know that I know my car. I bought it in Jan 10 and it's the only thing I drive. Ok, anywho. The transmission had to be calibrated. I asked was it a recall they said no. This is what the ticket says, "TSIB 0027-09 Available for this concern. Performed TSIB for shift concern. Performed L -SB-0027 to enhance shifting performance". Hope the hell this doesn't mean later on transmission problems. Lets forget I even said that. :chairshot: Poor hubby, maybe he just wasn't paying attention, its ok. :whistles: It's fixed now. Thx everyone. TTYL
  7. Taking it in on Monday (Labor Day). I'll let you know, hubby has driven it for the past 3 days and he said its fine just a nice smooth shift. Not to me. Its under warranty so I'm taking it. Yep it will definitely be on record just in case. TTYL
  8. IDK, it still feels rough to me and my daughter noticed it too, hubby drove it for 3 days and he loves it. It could be cause they're new, we'll see. THX Everyone.
  9. Tires are 30/31 psi all around and on the tires itself they say max is 51 psi.
  10. The last time I put gas in, it was from Shell and it was premium. While I was on vacation 1 or 2 times I put in regular and I can't remember where. I'm trying to run the gas out and then put in Shell again, hubby said I need to run her good like blowing it out. I guess he's paying for the ticket. Thx for the replies, I LOVE it here, always such great feedback. :) I'll let you know.
  11. Which gasoline stations are better? I've been putting Shell in her. I know that its suppose to shift at like 15/25 and then at 35 or so but she's not doing that. It does it but its just not right like its sluggish or something, like its a low dragging. I can't really describe it. Hubby said it may be the gas, I thought maybe they did something to her when they put on the new tires. He said that doesn't have anything to do with it. IDK.
  12. Tires were put on last week (Saturday) the ride seems a little rough to me, maybe I was just use to the old tires. They had to redo the alignment, I found that it was drifting a little. They fixed that and all is well, I just have to get use to them. Maybe another week or so. Michelin Primacy MXV4 93V.
  13. Tires Plus ordered the MXV4 hope all goes well and I have them on by the end of the week. I'll let you know. Thx for all the input.
  14. I don't know why I like the clock and the embroidery in the Infiniti. It looks sooo nice to me. I wish Lexus would put the L symbol in the seats or headrest. I dislike that cheap !Removed! digital clock, it reminds me of my microwave. LOL. I like light designs too. What about the headlights on the Audi. We need change for all this Luxury and the Luxury price tag we've all paid.
  15. My head hurts. :cries: I go to Tires Plus cause they priced me $934 for everything, tire disposal, balancing, alignment and the Primacy MXV4. :P I was soooo excited. The guy picked me up and I noticed a rough ride, I let go of the steering wheel and the alignment was fine, at first I thought it was my street so I didn't say anything, got to the main street and it was still a rough ride. I told the young man that I didn't like the tires, nor the feel, he was surprised. We get to the shop and I look at my tires and , the WRONG TIRE, and WRONG SIZE. , . Now of course I'm very detailed
  16. WOW, Sorry everyone I just got back from Ky and haven't purchased my tires yet. Thought I would come here and check to see if there were any new post. Yep there are. OK, the book does state P215/55R17 93V, but the tires on the car are Michelin Pilot HX MXM4 P225/50R17. I made sure I looked before I sent the original message cause I wanted to give all the details so I could get the best advise possible. Now the gentleman at Lexus (not my usual advisor) printed out the quote for me and the paper states 93V OEA 50K DT000-33284-MI MICH Pilot HX MXM4 225/50R17 $212.75 $256.64 $1026.57. When I pu
  17. Someone told me the Yokohama AS530 $149.99. I'll check with TireRack for the Primacy, Thx Steve W. Never mind, just read reviews on the Yokohama. TTYL
  18. I need tires and I've already read some of the older post concerning them. But still my question is, Is the Primacy still the tire to buy. I'm in Georgia so there is no bad weather. I don't go long distance but I am still in the streets. :whistles: Lexus quoted me Pilot HX MXM4 225/50R17 for $256.64 that price includes everything, tire disposal, mounted & balanced, but not alignment. But goodness sake that's a view dollars over A GRAND. The PILOt is whats on the car now. I was suppose to drive to Ky tommorrow a.m. and hubby wants me to get tires as soon as I get there. Yeah!, right. I be
  19. Maybe you can try speaking with the Shop Manager. I ended up having to do this with my 07 that I bought in Jan 10. My problem was a popping noise when I applied the brakes, it only came from the right side. I think it took me 7 times before I asked for whoever was over the guys that repaired the cars. Of course this was the Shop Mgr. The Service Manager had talked with me to but he didn't know what the hell was going on, he had only been there for 3 mths maybe and what he told me didn't make since when he tried to explain it. Talk to the Shop Manager. :whistles: I think I'm talking about so
  20. Hello There, I forgot to let you all know what the problem was with my car. After all this back and forth the Shop Manager worked on the car, they kepted it for 3-4 days and the Slide Pins had seized up so they lubed all slide pins on the calipers. He told me that they were completely dry on the right. He repeatly told me they were sorry for all the inconvenience. He also spoke to the Tech who had been working on my car prior to himself, I'm glad of that cause the guy had a checklist and I guess he was marking off things he hadn't really done. :chairshot: As of today no popping sound. I gue
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