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  1. Thanks for the reply. I'm going to take it in tomorrow to see if they can find the culprit.. hopefully it is the drains clogged. How can I check the hoses are still attached though? Would I need to remove the headliner? Meanwhile, the carpeting is pretty screwed. Anyone know of somewhere that sells replacement carpeting? I've searched quite a bit but can't find anything.
  2. This sucks. Car's been smelling of wet boots, finally realized the floors were soaking wet. I think I've traced the source to somewhere under the rear passenger seat, passenger side.. directly underneath the seat area, near what seems to be either the front of the rear wheel well, or the rear door frame. Any ideas where it's coming in from and how can I stop it? I'm afraid I'm going to have to tear out the whole rear interior to dry up all the water. F***!!
  3. Thanks for catching that, yes you're right they're 18s.. dunno why I got it stuck in my head they're 17". The issue is I can't really afford two sets of tires, and to have the switched back and forth between seasons. Because I'm short on funds, I've been considering just getting AT tires that perform well in winter. So far I'm having a difficult time sorting through all the various reviews and recommendations. So many contradicting opinions out there, it's hard to determine what's best to go with. 255/55/18 sounds good, how does it look? Does he have any pics up? Are there any AT tires at all that perform well in the winter, or is this wishful thinking?
  4. I'd like some bigger tires on my RX 330. I know the bigger size is going to affect the speedo, but I'm not all that concerned with it. The look of the stock 235/55/17 seems too small for the vehicle, and at the moment I don't really have the funds to go all out for some 20" rims and tires. Right now I'm looking to purchase some all terrain tires. Given that winter's upon us, and I actually need summer tires as well, I figured I'll kill two birds with one stone and get some all terrain tires instead of springing for 2 sets of tires. A friend of mine recommended I do this, and it makes sense, as a good set of AT tires will be ok in the winter. So, I'm thinking either 245/55/17 or 245/65/17. Which would be the better size to go with? I'd like to fill up the space a bit, but I don't want it to look ridiculous.
  5. Alright, I'll see what the shop says. If they come back and tell me one or more need replacing, I'll have a look myself and see what I can do. Thanks for the info
  6. nevermind... found the online manual, the indicator light is indicating there's an issue with the auto-leveling system. great. potential problem with one or more of the 4, yes FOUR separate height sensors, each costing over $300.
  7. The illumination from my headlights doesn't extend very far in front of my RX. It only seems to light up about 10 feet in front of me, which is pretty terrible. I have the auto-leveling projectors, so I'm not sure how to adjust them. Can they be adjusted the same way regular headlights are, or do they have to be electronically adjusted some how? Also, an indicator light randomly lights up, on the left side just beside the tach.. it's an orange light, and I think is the fog lights indicator. Since I don't have the manual, I'm not sure what this indicator light is for, and why it keeps turning on and off... is it indicating that the bulbs are blown, or that there's an issue with them? The fogs don't turn on, at least.. I don't think they do. If they're turned on by the headlights switch on the steering column, then no they don't turn on. If anyone could help me figure these things out I would greatly appreciate it. Cheers :)
  8. Wowser! $1500 (No F'n way!) -- I spoke to the dealer over the phone and they said it is probably the mount and based on the other posts within the forum I still assume thats what it is. As I mentioned previously they quoted $325. IS there anyway to determine if it is the rear carrier bushing? The sound I am hearing is definitely coming from the driver side wheel well -- the carrier would be centered, correct? Peace The rear carrier is also known as the knuckle. It's the part the hub assembly attaches to, along with the suspension components such as the shock and control arms. The one that's worn on mine is the rear driver's side forward control arm, and the bushing is on the knuckle side of it. The sound coming from it made it sound as though it was coming from the rear passenger side, but it was actually the rear drivers side. I managed to find 2 knuckle assemblies with bushings from an '08 Highlander with 6k miles at an autowrecker in NY. I'm having them picked up by FedEx and shipped to me. I'll probably just replace the one worn bushing, and keep everything else until I need it.
  9. I have the same issue, however I was told it was the 'rear carrier bushing'. Unfortunately, they only sell it as a complete replacement unit, the whole knuckle assembly, along with the wheel bearing. Total cost including labor is quoted at $1500!!! I'm trying desperately to find an aftermarket bushing kit, but so far am coming up empty.