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  1. Hello, I have been trying to figure this issue I have now for months. Basically when i drive, there is a sudden loss of power. Try to accelerate and the engine wants to die. The check engine light comes on but then after starting several times, the check engine light turns off. The code will not hold or the check engine light will not stay on long enough to get a code off. This issue does not happen all the time (intermittenly). The last time i had this same problem was about a month ago. Then this morning it happened again. It is like you can drive down the road perfectly fine then i
  2. knappster69


    '94 ES 300
  3. Okay, I have a '94 ES 300 and experiencing engine stalling or loss of power after car has been sitting over a course of lets say 10-12 hrs (overnight). The car starts perfectly fine no problems. I can drive down the road for about 1-2 miles and then there is a sudden loss of power. If I try to accelerate, the engine wants to stall. So, I will pull over and let it sit in an idle and then the car is back to running fine again. I have noticed there is a sudden drop in RPM and the check engine light comes on as well at the same time. However, the check engine light doesn't stay on long enou
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