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  1. It's real easy guys! U take out the temperature controll right out because it's held with just clips! But first remove the ashtray! Then there's two screws right under the radio u have to look real close cuz if not u won't see it! Then it should pull out slowly! Remove the plugs and the whole head unit should come right off...! Any ?'s just ask. hope this helps
  2. it say where the factory harness is loca

    but i cant find it

  3. hi i have a question for you

    where did you find the Car Stereo Amp Trigger Wire: Pink/Blue

  4. so im installing a navi in my 2003 es300 its been a biggggg project but its all coming along thanks to the guys who posted all the parts and numbers necss. so my unit is a Alpine INA-W900BT All-In-One Navigation/Audio/Video System With Bluetooth. and i also got a rear park camera which is Audiovox Car ACA200W License Plate Camera System and i think i found a cheaper version of the wiring harness listed above? Metra 70-8113 Radio Wiring Harness for Toyota Amp Integration 20 Pin- cost- $12.72 looks exactly the same as the 1 above. and i had to find the brackets to fill in the space on the sides-Metra 95-8202 Toyota DDIN Multi Dash Kit and of course the faceplate from! so as soon as i recieve and install i will post an update and some pics! i really thank every1 that gave there input in this cuz i def needed it!!!! B)