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  1. Aftermrarket remote start

    What liability of the engine not shutting off are you referring to? If I were to start the engine conventionally, exit the car, then open the door to re-enter, the engine does not shut off.
  2. I installed an aftermarket remote start module about 6 weeks ago. Very unhappy with it, if you start it remotely, the engine shuts off (as designed) as soon as you open the door. Has anyone installed one of these units, And do you have the same experience?
  3. Doesn't Lexus stand behind their name?

    I've had my fair share of issues with Lexus, but I think it's very unreasonable to expect Lexus to fix your mother's 10 year old car. When does it end after 20, 30....yrs? Also, the age of the owner should have absolutely no bearing on this issue... Only the age of the vehicle.
  4. Audio navigation upgrade

    How exactly would you want your car to “communicate more efficiently“ with you're phone? I traded in a 2008 ES 350 about a year and a half ago. Don't recall having any problems with the car not communicating with the phone.
  5. Map Update

    It most definitely is a rip off
  6. probably less then you think
  7. It's not paint, it's a wrap.
  8. Enform App Suite

    The Lexus app suite definitely works on 2013s, but in my click case it has lots of issues. On my first visit to my Lexus dealer he told me the same thing, It only works on '14s and up. Lexus phone support and my dealer both try to blame my iPhone for the problem, but the same issues are there when I try it on another iPhone and an Android phone. They play the typical "blame the other guy" game.
  9. Enform App Suite

    In the last month or so I've been having an issue using the Enform App Suite, (primarily Pandora). I get a message on the screen "Insufficient Conductivity“. This message can appear regardless of the strength of my cell signal. I understand it happening when my cell signal is very low but that should not happen when I have five bars. Anyone else experiencing a similar issue?
  10. Navigation install

    I just bought a portable Nav unit for under $100. It has a 7" screen and comes with a backup camera. I think trying to install a build in unit, like you're taking about doing, is way too expensive and too complicated. Good luck.
  11. Map Update

    Paul, I called a local Lexus dealer a day or 2 ago and got very different info on prices. The price for the thumb drive is $169, and the labor to install is $99. If you can get the thumb drive for $80, please tell me where. Lenny
  12. Is there any other way to update the Nav maps on a 2013 ES350 without paying the exorbitant dealer charges?
  13. 2013 Parking assist

    Thanks for the help, that did it. So much to learn, and this site is a great resource. One more (off topic) question if I may. Nav map screen changes from day view to night according to the time of day. Am I you can get anything over there able to toggle off option? I don't like the night map screen.