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  1. Hello everyone, I have done some research and it seems to me that transmission fluid WF ATF is not changeable in my 2008 GX. Maintenance manual on Lexus website and a Dealer say it needs to be changed. So change or not to change?
  2. Thanks for your reply, Knock happens sometime while stopping, sometimes when start moving after releasing break pedal
  3. Hello everyone, Just bought 2008 GX470. Love this truck. Best truck I had. Love the way it drives and feels. Only issue I have so far is a bit of a noise when I press break pedal. Is it normal? Breaks don’t fail. Only it makes "psss" sound in the first couple of seconds when press break pedal. Also when I take a foot of a break sometimes breaks do not release smoothly. It has a little bit of a knock. What can it be? Shall I go to local dealer or is it normal? Truck passed safety and no problems were found Thanks in advance Would appreciate your opinion.
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