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  1. My wife has had a 2004 GX470 since new (108K miles on it so far). Cosmetically, the vehicle is in terrific shape except that the paint covering the alloy wheels has started to flake and peel. Has anyone encountered this problem? Anything that can be done to resolve it, other than buying new wheels? We live in the Northeast so I assume this is due to ice treatment on the roads. Thanks, Ed
  2. Hi, my wife has had a 2004 GX470 since new. 108K miles on it so far with no real problems. I've noticed recently that the head lights seem to not appear to be as bright as they have in the past. The thing is, that the outer lenses do not seem to be hazed or clouded at all (for example, my previous BMW had the same symptom but the outer lenses were clouded so it was easy to figure out the cause of the problem). Could the problem be the headlights themselves? Has anyone had this problem and, if yes, what was the cause and what did you do to resolve it? Thanks, Ed