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  1. For the last 2 weeks our 97 LS400 with 94000 mile has been making these clunking sounds when shifting gears, especially when first started and moved into reverse or park. The check engine light came on and I urged my husband to take it in asap. He didn't and today when he started the car it made an unusually loud clunk going into reverse. He turned around and headed out only to make about 500 yards when he felt the gears start to slip and the car would not drive. He was able to pull over and put the hazards on and have it towed. (it wouldn't move and inch in drive - but I could hear the engine revving) . So now it's at the garage and we are wondering if our whole transmission is shot? Or could it be something smaller like engine mounts? (e®I'm not car savvy but did a little bit of research) Help! Thanks.