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  1. I couldn't adjust my side view mirrors anymore on my 2003 LS430, and the mirrors wouldn't tilt down when transmission was placed in reverse. I knew it wasn't the mirrors because when I would push my seat memory button, they would adjust to their predetermined position. What I did was open the coin tray so I could have access to pull out the little panel housing the mirror switch. The panel is just held in with pressure clips. I went ahead into the kitchen where I have plenty of light and a bottle of Jameson Irish Whiskey. Now the switch itself is pretty the back there are two
  2. There is a fix to this and it involves removing a "e" clip off of the motor. There are a couple of places here that go into greater detail. This is a no cost 30 minute fix. This is for the LS430's. Now the LS400's have a plastic gear that needs a spacer added behind the plastic gear.
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