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  1. Can non-premium fuel mess with your idle and effect detonation? also what else does premium fuel do for your car that the low grade fuels cant?
  2. vinyl is an awesome way to change the look of your car! i have recently covered the wood trim in mine with a matte black vinyle and it looks amazing! plzz post pics if you do this!
  3. I have found a soarer that is being parted in my city and i am using it to replace a few broken bits in the car. The current Lexus guage cluster is begining to die (needle lights are dying) I then got an idea to snag the digital guage cluster off of the Soarer and replace it for the one Ihavenow... would it be possibe to simply remove the exsisting guage and plug the Soarer one in? Or will it be a much more difficult process...?
  4. A few times i have over filled the gas in my SC and where the drainage hole for water and gas is drained the gas, shortly after my cabin filled with the smell of gas. Since the gas tank is located directly between the seat and trunk fabric, there is a fairly good chance that if the pressure was higher than normal in the tank, there may have been a small leak leading to the tank in the back. If this is the case it would have been easy for the smell of gas to come into the cabin from behind the seat. This is simply an educated guess, but thats all i can think of for now! i hope it helps!
  5. Hey, im intersted the cupholder for the driver including the cover, now i know that your add is mainly for the leather but if you are interested in parting that out, that would be awesome! If interested, e-mail me at Thanks!
  6. Hey my name is Justin! I am a brand new member here at the Lexus Owners Club! I joined this club because, living in a dustbowl city in Canada has its negative impacts and little support for a guy trying to enjoy his passion in making his dream car, into a nice looking dream car! I do attent a car meet once a week. The meet is devided in clicks... The honda group, the nissan group, and so on. But i have yet to meet another human being that not only owns a Lexus in general, but shares a similar interest in the replenishment of older ones! As fun as it is walking and talking with other car owners
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