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  1. Yup mine is fading as well, It looks like scratches on the mirror. I dont think they will change it for you. Your best bet is to buy a used one.
  2. Talk to then, every dealer wants the car to be sold. Im sure you can drop the price a litle. And im not saying its a bad price but its always nice to save more money.
  3. I watched someone once get ink off a leather seat panel using hairspray. Aquanet I believe. steviej Was it an ald stain? Either way ill give it a shot wish me luck.
  4. That sounds like a good deal. I got mine recently 65K without navi for $19,000. Maybe you could drop 1 or 2 thousand.
  5. Yea i know theyr a liyle overpriced. Im just looking to for everything to be OEM. Im just not sure if theyl fit.
  6. Hold the up button and let the moonroof open and close that should work.
  7. Speaking of leather repairs, It seemed to me that someone spilled ink on the passenger seat of my GS, does anyone know if they have a product to remove that?
  8. I drive a 06 GS 300 and right or left i cant remember which one exactly ocasonally turns of then swich the lights off an on and they work normally. I doubght its because of the bumbs, maybe an electical issue or something is wrong with the sensors but im not sure. and i have noticed a few other lexuses having the same issue. Would anyone know what the problem is?
  9. I dont know about the carbon fiber parts, but i have the same lexus and recently i got Black F Sport mats for the car. They look great and dont get dirty. Found em on Ebay.
  10. Id say change the rims and tint the windows, all els is good.
  11. Just find some old seatbelt buckels and put them in the ports. that should do the trick.
  12. Hello im new to this. I have a question im looking at Lexus F Sport springs for the 06 GS 300 but the springs they have it says that it fits the 07 and up GS models. Does anyone know if those springs will fit the 06?
  13. I drive a GS and I love it. My old BMW is nothing compared to this. But I got to admit that my fave Lexus is the LS.