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  1. Have you checked the on/off button inside the glove box compartment, on the left side. That button is used to disable the power read hatch if necessary. Hope that it helps,
  2. The last time the indicators went off, it was cold, not raining. I wonder how the slipping belt can trigger those indicators ?
  3. My friend's 2005 RX330 2WD sometimes suddenly has all 5 following indicators (VSC, Trac Off, Brake, ABS, tire pressure indicators) lit up at the same time, and stay on until she shuts down and restart the engine. Tires pressures are OK. I am thinking about faulty ABS sensor but not sure. Any help is appreciated. TD
  4. and go to Accessory Exterior. You can find running board, steel bars there. Good luck
  5. My current map is only single side DVD. Side and Layer are 2 different things. DVD can have 2 layers accessed from 1 side. I believe that 04 Nav can read 05 DVD.
  6. I had my dash rattle fixed (almost succesfully) at 10,000 miles. But rattle comes back recently (20,000 miles), especially on the cold days. Do you know how long is the warrant period for that? I hope it is 24,000 miles. :cries:
  7. Do you mean the door ajar alarm? This only occurs when the keys are in the ignition. It's that beeping noise. is this the same noise you are talking about? Or do you mean the "non- beeping" noise you hear when you try to lock the car when the doors are open? ← It's not a beep, it's definitely a chime, and it occurs when keys are not in the ignition. For example, when I open the driver door to get into the car it chimes. I'm beginning to think this is normal and I just have never noticed it before. ← It chimes if you have your sunroof open. Is it your case?
  8. There are 2 holes on each side. Three of them have black rubber plugs. Only this one misses the plug.
  9. After 15,000 miles tune up (or coincident), my RX330 has a mysterious wind noise from somewhere on the back when I exceed 60mph. I check the window (pinch it down), check the sunroof, slide the cross bar toward the rear, check the seal on the hatch back. Everything looks OK to me, and does not fix the problem. The sound is anoying for a $40K car, but I hesitate to bring it back to the dealer because first, how can I prove to them that the interior noise level is more than before, and second, how much chance that they can find the real cause of the problem. Yesterday, I did another visual checking on the rear hatch, and here is what I found. Around the hatch, there are several holes, plugged by black rubber seals. One of the rubber seal at the top side of the hatch is missing, exposing the hole. I temporarily tape the hole, and this morning drive, the noise seems to be gone. :D
  10. No, the system recalibrates only when you told it to (by pressing the button under the steering column). ;)
  11. The Toyota tire presuure monitoring system recalibrates when you press the button under the steering column. And one should recalibrate this system only after tire rotation, tire change for instance. Once on my 2000 Sienna, after tire rotation, the garage did not reset my system, and the indicator sure goes on. Another time, it goes on, and sure I do have a flat tire. Another time, my RX330 loaner tire pressure lights up, and yes I found a low pressure tire. I did not check to see how much PSI I had left. For sure, such system can not tell you if you have few PSI different. But I feel that it works fine for me.
  12. The 2 Lexus dealers close to me: Sewell Lexus in Dallas and Park Place Lexus in Plano, TX have plenty of RX330 and ES330 to loan out.
  13. I have RX330 2004 AWD. I only use premium gas, and get about 17~18 in city. When my wife drives it, she gets about 19 mpg. :)
  14. I have V1 radar detector mounted on the front windshield of my 04 RX330. The mounting suction cups leave circle marks on the windshield. I tried Windex, and other glass cleaner products but can not remove those marks. Any one has the same issue. And any one knows how to clean it? Thanks,
  15. The vinyl should be flush with the hood. The flap, under wind, will push the vinyl to the hood, avoiding the vinyl to tap on the hood. I purchase my mask from, since they have the full mask (2 pieces to cover hood and bumper), not like the half mask from Lexus. Hope that it helps.