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  1. Thanks Lemon....good info, many of us can go longer making synthetic even more cost effective. You can now buy the 0-20 in quart or 5 quart jugs at Walmart...Mobile 1...about 1/2 price. I buy my own oil and filter and then take it for an oil change and grease job. For any thing more I take it to the dealer. I've watched the dealer personnel and wasn't impressed. I'm sure that varies by dealer.
  2. My aftermarket hitch is invisible except for the receiver...easy to install and a lot less than you were quoted. I had factory wiring so only needed a pigtail but they sell the wiring for one without for slightly more. You might check this thread on the same subject- Prior Post on Hitches
  3. How about another variable....Ethanol vs Non Ethanol? I get better economy with non Ethanol regular than with Premium Ethanol. Premium non Ethanol provides slightly better economy but is now 25-35 cents a gallon more and I can't tell any difference in power over regular non Ethanol. I'm lucky enough to still have a choice of fuel and will pay a little more for non Ethanol. I'd buy Premium if it made a significant difference in power or economy. Maybe some can discern 5 HP but I sure can't.
  4. Mine came with Bridgestone and I love the ride and handling. You would think that tires would change handling more than the ride.
  5. No...when it works, it works also when moving, by just pressing the voice recognition button on the steering wheel and saying "Phone" and then "Dial John Doe mobile". And also when it's not working it can be stopped. The system should work when moving or stopped...already verified this with Lexus. I'm going to try deleting the phone completely and adding it again...perhaps that will help. If not, I'll try adding the phone to one of the other three positions (you can have up to four phones) and see if that works. I have the HTC Droid Incredible and it works very well in my 2010 RX350 built in July 2010. Maybe Lexus messed up the software for 2011. That's what happened with the IPOD gen5 worked in early model 2010's but doesn't work in my vehicle and they can't install the older version of software.
  6. I went in for warranty when my gen5 IPOD Nano wouldn't work in early August. Still waiting for an answer, I notice that the 2011 4 runner manual says they only support gen3. Actually the gen 4 works fine. I have been unhappy with the clunky function and weaknesses with the way Toyota handles the IPOD (when it does work). I'm more convinced now that I helped my daughter with her new Honda CRV. It has a CD based Nav system but it is night and day better than the Lexus. The IPOD function is far superior and it works with the Gen 5 Nano that wouldn't work in my Lexus. Her car cost $20,000 less than mine and isn't in the same class but the sound system & user interface is much better. Lexus needs to outsource some of this until they get the talent to do it right, IMO!
  7. This part number-it attaches to the factory pigtail on those with the kit for towing, all in our region come with that option. This is the part at ETrailer: Trailer Wiring Harness - 2010 Lexus RX350 with Tow Package Code: 56083 Retail: $22.28 Today: $14.95
  8. The vehicle will run fine on regular fuel....that's the recommendation on several other Toyota vehicles with the same engine. The electronic's will adjust for lower quality fuel you just lose a little performance. The Lexus is rated at 5HP more than the 4 Runner with the identical engine likely get the 5 HP by running more ignition advance that's possible because of the higher octane. I have run both premium and regular in my Lexus and can't tell the difference except for the cost of the fuel. I only use non Ethanol so don't know if that makes some difference.
  9. From your description that's the way the system works when you are driving-the only function that works is speed dials when the car is moving. If it does it when stopped then your equipment is likely defective. You don't say but assume you have Nav.
  10. I installed an aftermarket hitch that went in very well and fitted fine. However, I don't know what part number to use for the pigtail to plug in to the factory wire (I do have the towing option). Can you help? This is the part at ETrailer: Trailer Wiring Harness - 2010 Lexus RX350 with Tow Package Code: 56083 Retail: $22.28 Today: $14.95 Notes: Curt T-Connector Vehicle Wiring Harness w/ 4 Pole Connector
  11. Well I finally got my Blizzak's and had them installed with TPMS sensors from TPMS Wholesale (about $40 each). The new sensors had a 7 digit code, obsecure & a little hard to read. I entered those codes into my reset tool and added a leading zero to make it 8 digits like the factory ones....don't know if that was necessary. Followed the instructions and everything worked as promissed. I did not get a flashing light on the dash as the instructions said I would but the tool reset my codes and there is no TPMS light on the console now. The Quickset allows settings for 4 differect vehicles and you can clear the codes so find a bud and share the cost with him. Even if the dealer did it for free I prefer setting my own versus the hassle of going to the dealer twice a year.
  12. Agreed, appears that some of the other software is weak also. The Nav has several weak spots, a $150 Garmin has more functionality; when you set cruise it puts the cruise light on and then changes the display to read "set" so you have to toggle back-redundant and not well conceived; if you want to see what song is playing you have to page back twice vs letting the artist and title use the upper Nav screen as the song changes (when you change other settings like fan or temp. it displays on the screen) I could list several other items and I've only had my Lexus 6 weeks. I have a Sony Walkman also and it doesn't work with the USB connection-Sony says the vehicle device must be configured "mass storage", not a Lexus option and Sony is also a Japanese Co. My Sony has Bluetooth also and I have it paired but it's not worth the effort to use the BT MP3-not nearly as seamless as Blue Tooth phone. I can't use the pairing button on the Walkman and when I do get it paired and stop for gas it doesn't reconnect-have to start over again. It seems to me that Lexus did not test enough before production and probably didn't get much/any consumer input to make functions more "user friendly". My dealer told me that Lexus doesn't usually make changes in response to customer complaints unless it's a bug fix like my IPOD gen 5 that doesn't don't hold your breath.
  13. My RX was produced in July (Japan) and has a change to the IPOD control. There was no change to the functions you describe and in fact I added similar comment to yours in the survey I received recently. The prior 2010 RX's were compatible with the gen5 IPOD NANO but mine isn't so it's been in to service for a fix. Lexus & dealer service confirmed that the issue exists but after 3 weeks they still don't have a fix. As far as the scrolling it would help if they let the IPOD scroll like it does in native mode.....but with a hard drive a search function would sure be nice.
  14. If this turns out to be true with no fix by Lexus then the alternative is to buy the ATEQ TPM Quickset Reset Tool from Tire Rack and do it yourself-$135.
  15. Like was said above you can access it with the mouse but it's a 3 step process. It would be nice to have some shortcuts to the things we use a lot like speed dial, song title/artist etc.