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  1. thx i will check for "Superpro" hope i can get what i need.
  2. Thank you for ur reply my lexus is LS 400 91' i guess well now it is confirmed there there is not OEM to replace Adus 505 . :)
  3. Hello all, Please can somebody help me the correct OEM parts to replace ADUS 505 Bushing. i need to change my Ls400 Rear Carrier Arm Bushing. kindly check the image i have attached. thank you all
  4. Hi all, i have a 1990 Lexus LS400. my problem is that my A/C system is not automated. when i turn on the A/C it work and automatically shuts off from the thermostat and after few sec. and kick back on but this at point my A/C light blinks and the clutch not engaging (No A/C only the blower works) so i always manually off the A/C and on again. A/C system is not automated like another system. I really don't know how to explain but i did my best to explain it to you all so please help me fix this issue. Thank you :)
  5. Hi there, I'm having a 1991 Lexus LS400 such a sweet car, tday i was driving around and never had any problem however after driving for about 2hrs i had to stop the car to go to the bank and after i came back and start the car everything was fine but i noticed that my instrument cluster light not working and i can't see anything.. even the needles (cluster) stops working. so i turn the car off and switch on (without start) i only can see battery light, and i start again and the light went off but still no luck for any lights. Please any help would be great..
  6. bromlem fixed it was my thermostat switch gone bad...
  7. My friend remove the 2 wire connectors from the A/C compressor and re plug them back, after i try to put my A/C and the problem came, next day i put the A/C when i start the car and it gave me the same problem so i turned the A/C of and on again and the A/C start to work without any problem now i'm using the car without problem for 5days however sometimes i will have to use 1 or 2 time off and on again to A/C to work (Compressor) sound funny ha! could electric problem effect this A/C because i think my car has electric issue as well. i heard in many farums that lexus ls 400 has this trunk wires issue and that will bring lots of electrical issue to the car like loosing power / burned break bulb indicator / when pushing the break on parking radio light go off and on kind of stuff and many other issues by the way this is the sweetes car ever! i got it from my grandfather....
  8. I try to get the error code and got 21 I did it during the day time when there is more light, yesterday whole day the A/C worked without any problem but tday damn it came back again...
  9. Hello all, i have a lexus ls400 90' recently i did some repair to my ac system, there was a major leak from High pressure valuve so my tech. told me to seal the high pressure valve and they did seal it. after they fill the feon and checked my A/C, it was fine and A/C did work fine. After few days time my A/C light start to blink and i can feel the clutch is missing after few sec. i turn on the A/C. so i went to them and told them about it and they told me to fix my fan in front (there are 2 fans in front to cool the condensor correct?) one is not working. but i used to run the car without this fan for 1year and now how come this happen after they fix this valve issue. do you think this happen bcuz of one of my fan not working? or they seal the high pressur valve? kindly help me out bcuz i have no idea whats happening? i don't even know the correct names of these parts. thank you
  10. Dear Sir, plz can you send me all the details on how to fix me speedometer.. you can send them to my email [] looking forward to hear from you soon.. thank you Anthony