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  1. In the world of used cruiser parts, I've found has about anything you could need for these vehicles. Checked there yet? Regards, Rookie Waitin/hoping to hear from them soon. Thanks
  2. Dark green would be nice but not necessary. thanks keep4wheelin
  3. its a 3-D puzzle man, just start at the top and keep your pieces together. that is a lenthly process to discribe in one thread.
  4. try not using the fob. leave it at the house and lock and unlock with the key. no alarm that way but the fob just might be the culprit.
  5. It's on the drivers side of the engine compartment directly under the air intake chamber assembly. I think the best access is by removing the DS front tire and the little wheel well skirts. Don't know if you're going with an aftermarket product, but you're generally best advised to stick with Toyota parts. Apparently the install is a little tricky because of the tight quarters. One tip I've seen that's supposed to make the install easier is to notch out an opening on one of the bracket ears on the fuel filter. That way you can go ahead and get that mounting bolt started, then bolt the oth
  6. I have slid up and down on both sides and cant fine it. bought on in ebay so i know what it looks like unless it is the wrong one.
  7. Mine doesn't do that. I think you can adjust it so it doesn't. Look under the drivers seat and find out what alarm unit you have. It's a little black box and should have to name and info on the side. Might be able to direct you to a link for a manual for it. The chirping pieso is located inside the engine compartment, in the area down below where the brake fluid reservior is. It's a little cylinder shaped object about the diameter of a quarter and about an 1 inch long, with a wire clipped to it. I think mine is red and black. I'd say you could get a replacement at Radio Shack for less
  8. Great vehicle. i change all my fluids and have 220000 miles. Only thing i find is the front brakes don't last long 50K. But you feel like you are driving fort Knots. Gas milage runs between 14 and 16 if you keep your foot out of it on the interstate. the hill climbing/rock here in LA we aint got no rock but hills are FUN too. No mud too heavy withpot huge tires.
  9. I GOT THIS OFF A IH8MUD POST BY LCphil: The part number is 72206 a gearbox that contains the gear you need they are around $65 each this might be the toyota number
  10. I have a ACTRON OBD II AutoScanner it is a great middle of the road scanner. $99.99 it seems to do it all. The little display is just big enough. the next size up just gives you a bigger screen and the next size down doesn't let you update new codes from the internet. I have used mine on two dozen other cars with great results.MODEL CP 9175
  11. Have the same problem found one WHITE cap and keep it in the center console. It does get to be a pain to insert the cap and move the seat for people. You never see one of these vehicles in a recking yard to pull one. No Lexus dealer in our area and the Toyota dealer <_< has an attitude so trying to get parts was an online effort to no avail. I did get very good at using my pinky finger to align the shaft until i found a cap in the drive way. God was on my side that day.
  12. Those do look great. i will give him a call. Thanks
  13. I would like to just cover the seat cause it is hours away from any where that could recover the seats. Called Lexus each cover seat and back were 3 to 4 hundred which is 700. a seat! Any experience with covers? Please
  14. I have a small white plug that popped out when moving my seat front or back. It appears to screw in but is now stripped out and the seat will not move. has any one been sucessful getting the seat to move again? I can hear the motor hum and click if i hold the button.
  15. Ebay always has them sooner or later. You are looking for a CRW1342-B. :)
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