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  1. Hi I installed a full exhaust TTE, the car has gained a nice low sound and feel better acceleration. My Cusco limited slip differential is set at one way definitely improved acceleration and cornering grip. Sincere recommendation BR Jack
  2. \\\Hi, This is my second Lexus SC430 and decide recommend springs TTE OR H&R (-30mm). The small cost of keeping the car better handling.
  3. Hello Jack; I've got a 06 also. I have not yet done any performance mods yet. Looking for something I can do that is not very expensive but will still give me bang for the buck. What have you done? How did that Blitz intake affect performance? Hi Fastoy, Here is a list of my modifications: - Whells ETA BETA 19x8 245/35 19x9 275/30 Yokohama Advan Sport -spring H&R 30mm - Front upper strut CUSCO -ordered -intake blitz sus power -ordered In plans in the near and distant future :D -exhaust -brake kit or disc brakes -LSD Cusco I look forward to feedback about drive and maybe something else Still waiting for my intake comes just when I'm on vacation. After installation, I will give you the info. And this is just the beginning of my fun
  4. The only chip Im aware of is the Jet one http://www.jetchip.com/products.asp?pid=14...model=1008#1008 But dont expect any real gains typically 10bhp from a non-turbo engine. If you want real performance gains on the cheap then consider. Intake + exhaust S&S headers Torque convertor Supra LSD If you want to spend more then consider FI, supercharged or turbo. Hi, How do you ran with a supra lsd. I plan to buy LSD CUSCO. What are the pros and cons. Thank you in advance for your reply B) Jack
  5. Hi, Looking for exhaust what do you think about this: http://www.l-tunedparts.com/product/?id=2621 I just ordered a blitz intake, so I wanted to pair :D Maybe there is something better at this price. Thx Jack
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    Thank you. I'll be a frequent visitor here. B)
  7. Hi, this is my second Lexus SC430. Still being modified:) Well, a few photos.