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  1. The driver side heated seat light bulb seems to be burned out. The hi lo works fine but the bulb below the switch is out. Anyone know how to replace?
  2. I have an RX 300 with 74,000miles and an ES 330 with 45,000 miles. I got the check engine, Trac off, etc. lights on both cars within a day of each other. I had to replace the sensors on both cars--one at a Lexus dealer and one at my local mechanic's shop. Total $1100. Coincidence??
  3. Power lock switch. How do you remove the passenger side armrest to access the switch.

  4. Fuses and such checked by my mechanic and are Ok. He says next step is to remove the seats according to repair manual. Any thoughts on what the problem might be and how costly to repair?
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