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  1. I was able to get my Lexus dealer to remove the dealer remote start feature for free and refund me $375. (Key item in your argument, "I believe that this 'remote start' was misrepresented to me at the time of sale, in that it does not perform at the range of all other 'remote' starters".) I then had a local aftermarket installer install and Astrostart 5224. It works very well. 1 mile line-of sight range. Still kills the engine when you grab the handle--I'm told that there is no way around this because of the smartkey/pushbutton start. I don't find it that annoying so I am not complainin
  2. It's not lifter noise. All FI cars I have seen have it (cheap or expensive). It is simply a matter of the ignition computer modifying the timing and firing the injectors for maximum fuel flow. Since the incoming air is cold, fuel will not atomize as well as it would with warm air. To compensate for this, the fuel mixture is enrichened. The atomization rate is still reduced, but since there is more fuel, enough atomizes to allow the engine to start and run smoothly. In carbureted engines, this is accomplished with a choke. In TBI engines, a cold-start injector is sometimes used. In MPF
  3. Did they charge for the firmware upgrade, or was it considered a warranty issue? Mine stopped working altogether since the last iPhone software update. Does yours still work? Thanks No charge. But later they called and asked if I had a letter from corporate. Luckily, I had opened a case with corporate and they had told me to go to the dealer and get the upgrade and that it would be free. I told the dealer to check with corporate since I had a case open with them and I've not heard any more about it. I have the new iphone software installed and everything is working. I have tested iPo
  4. I went to my dealer and had them install a firmware upgrade that fixed this problem. I have heard that f/w above level 3357 is fixed. They put 335A on my vehicle. Bob 2010 RX350
  5. I just had the dealer install the firmware upgrade. I had 3350 on the car and was expecting to have 3357 installed. I checked it after they were finished and it now reads 335A. I did some quick testing with an iPod Touch and the scrolling problem appears to be fixed. Bob 2010 Rx350
  6. 212 views and no replies? People aren't being very helpful. I'll try.... I'm assuming you have the latest Shuffle, with the control button on the headphone cord. This presents a little problem since it has no controls on the device. You'll need an adapter to provide the control functions without the headphones. Belkin F8Z452 or similar will do the trick. Also, you'll need a cable that goes from male 1/8" stereo plug to male 1/8" stereo plug. You can get that cable at Radio Shack, Best Buy, Fry's, your local electronic store or online at about a million places. You will not be able t
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