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  1. Ever figure this one out? I have the same issue on my 93. It's a real head scratcher...
  2. Verified my battery is good and car will not crank. Can hear fuel pump when I turn the key. One thing I noticed is when I turn the key all the way to start it, some of my instament panel lights go out and my clock goes out. Come back on when i bring the key back to normal position. I chekced all the fuses and relays an nothing blown. Looked at all the wiring I could see and don't see anything burned up. Was thinking there might be a short somewhere. Never had any problems until we received about 6 inches of rain in the last 2 days. Car was never exposed to standing water. Any thoughts?? Probably should check the wiring for the starter but it looks a little tight getting to it.
  3. Changed the plugs and wires and everything else ignition wise and it runs like a champ. Found the weatherstripping between the firewall and hood is only connected by a couple push plugs. There is nothing that seals the bottom of the weather stripping to the metal it is connected to. Found that the water runs down the window, under the weather stripping, and into the engine compartment. Hopefully I have it fixed now...I guess I will know the next time it rains.
  4. Well I started today by checking out the plugs...or atleast the easy 4 to get to. When I pulled the first plug wire, it came out completely wet. I inspected the 4 others that I could get to and they were the same way. Guess i better siphon out the water and start the arduous task of getting to the middle two spark plugs. Hopefully this is the reason it wont start...then i guess I better try and find a root cause. I did taste the fluid to make sure it was water and it was.
  5. Have a 93 GS300 with 180k on it. Runs like a champ except after it rains. Has a very bad hesitation after it rains and usually doesn't go away until it dries out or I drive for a while. The other day it rained about 2 inches over night and when I went to start it, it was idling and shaking the entire car. When I stepped on the gas in idle the RPM's wouldn't go past 1000 until about 45 seconds of having it floored. When I put in reverse, the RPM's wouldn't go over 500, even when given gas and couldn't get out of driveway. It eventually died and now will not restart, even after a week. Turns over, but that's about's driving me crazy!