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  1. Ok... so i have an 01 gs300 with mark levinson sound. My rear speaker blew and went to best buy and they installed a new amp and speaker/box from my other car. Everything was fine for 3 months. Every now and then I would crank the car up and everything would be normal, and then WAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHH!!! The volume had set itself to full blast scarin the pants off of everyone in the car. Well, it's done that three times. All three times I had to shut the car off and turn it back on to reset something because the rear speakers weren't playing music at the same volume as the front. This last time, the reset didn't work. Now, everything works, but the rear speakers seem to have no bass and is very low, which makes the speaker in my trunk have little or no sound at all. The front speakers seem to be fine. What is going on with this thing? Does anyone have any clue on what to do? Is there maybe a fuse or something that I have to replace or is the a reset button somewhere?