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  1. Hey guys Every once in a while after taking the car out for a short spin, it won't start again. Turns over but nothin happens. Wait 5 min. Turn it over about 10 times and it starts up. Replace the Idle air control. Dropped 3 hundo but did not fix the problem. I'm out of ideas. Service engine light turns on when it doesnt start till I take the key out. But nothing registers on the computers when I have taken it in. Thanks for the help in advance.
  2. No leaks, Replaced the Idle air control. Dropped 3 hundo. Stopped the reving. But now wont start all the time. If I wait 5 min, it will start up again. HMMMMM? My wifes driving the car and it drives her nuts. If shes running late she doesnt want to stop the car just in case it wont start again. Any thoughts? Oh and thanks for the reply before. Appreciated.
  3. My 94 GS. 300 revs up and down after a short drive. I get back in the car to start it up and WHAAAN.....WHAAANN.....WHAAANNN... I usually drop it into gear. I hate doing it but I stops doing it when the car is in gear. Have to sit on the break a little more cuz it wants to move forward though. Usually stops after a min. or so. Any ideas of what the prob might be? Thanks for the help!
  4. just bought an sc a couple of days ago. the dealer ship had a 300 and a 400 manual for sale. One of the mechanics told me that 3000 we sold in the u.s. true or false, not sure but its a number for you.