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  1. I have a working keyless entry on my LS, but I need a replacement part for my key. I lost the screw in my key and subsequently lost the button. Now I need to get a replacement, but I don't want to buy a $200 replacement key from Sewell when all I need is a button. So if you've got a key to a car you wrecked, I want it. I don't need the chip or the transmitter or anything. I just need the button from the side of the key. If you've got one to sell, tell me what you want for it.
  2. I have a key with keyless entry for my 92 LS. One problem though, last time it was in the shop they lost the button. Does anyone have a useless key that I can buy from them? I just need the button off it to fix mine.
  3. I have a 1992 LS with factory Pioneer head unit, AM/FM Cassette. It turns on and stays on, but there is no sound when the car is running. I can get sound when the engine is off and the ignition is in ACC position. But if I hit the brake, the sound cuts off. My question: Is this a problem with my head unit? Is it an Amp problem? Or do I have a short in a wire somewhere?
  4. Any tips on how to tell whether a wheel is genuine factory?
  5. I just bought some wheels from a guy on craigslist that are "chrome factory" wheels. The wheel looks exactly like the alloy wheels I have on my '92, but he claims they came off a '95. The thing that throws me off is the center cap has a logo that looks more like a 7 than the Lexus L. Are these aftermarket wheels? Did Lexus make a chrome wheel the same style as the alloy wheels that are on the '92? The picture below shows my current alloy wheels. UPDATE: I've attached front views of both wheels. The chrome ones are the craigslist wheels. I'm still not 100% sure that they are Lexus factory wheels, I can't find a year or model that was available with this style of chrome wheels. The biggest problem I'm having is that I am missing 1 center cap and I can't find a match for these center caps with the different style Lexus logo. Does anyone know what year and model these might be from? Also, what suggestions do you have for the supplier of Lexus OEM center caps?
  6. When I am moving at very low speeds, my steering wheel creaks when turning. It is usually when I am making a big turn and the wheel is making a couple of revolutions. I do have a leaky boot on my rack, but this happens when the power steering reservoir is full. Has anyone seen this before?
  7. I have a leaky boot on my rack on my '92. The repair shops tell me that I need to replace the entire rack rather than just fixin the boot. Has anyone ever replaced the rack themselves? Does it require having a pro-style lift or can I do it with a floor jack and jack stands?
  8. I have a '92 and the rear view mirror has a shading button that shades the mirror completely. When I unshaded the mirror though, only half of the mirror is unshaded. Can the mirror be fixed or replaced?
  9. I have a '92 with an old school cell phone in the center console. I would love to get that phone activated on AT&T but that's not possible. Does anyone know how to wire an iPhone into the existing speaker phone system? It would be great to plug my phone in, listen to my iPod, answer calls and speak through the microphone on my steering wheel. Any ideas? If I can only wire the phone up, that is fine because I am using a tape transfer to listen to music currently.
  10. I have a 92 LS and I spotted some wheels off a 95 LS that I'd like to buy. Are the newer wheels going to work on my 92?
  11. I am trying to change out my brake light. How do I get the rubber gasket off the socket so I can remove the bulb?
  12. I just recently purchased a 1992 LS 400 with only 93,000 miles on it. A few days after I brought it home, I noticed that the car sporadically shudders when I am at a stop light for a minute or so. When I shift it into neutral, it stops. It seems to do it whether the A/C is on or off. I'm thinking bad motor mounts, but this I've never owned a Lexus or a V8 that is this old. I know that this car sat pretty regularly for the past 1-2 years, so it could be working some kinks out. I'm asking you experts out there, has anyone experienced this or does anyone know what it might be? UPDATE: Ok, I noticed that when the engine shudders the RPMs drop by a couple hundred. It still only does it when I have the brake applied while in drive. Any ideas? Your help is much appreciated.