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  1. In order to turn the maintenance required for an oil change alert off after a successful oil change by yourself or a shop, take the following steps: 1. With the car on, switch the odometer to TRIP A. (Not trip B and not the total shown on the odomoter - ie. 54,302 miles since you've owned the car.) 2. Turn car off 3. Hold down the odometer reset button while car is off - keep holding through step 5 until you see MAINTENANCE RESET 4. Place foot on gas, start car - this only turns the car on, but does not start the engine - keep holding down the odometer reset. (do not hold foot down on brake and press start as this does not work - and will only start your car) 5. Remain holding down on the TRIP A reset switch for at least 15 seconds. There will be blinking lights and then it will say maintenance reset. This will get rid of the red alert that tells you that you still need to change the oil. This was performed on an 2007 ES350 Hope this is helpful
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