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  1. - I have a Lexus ES 300 - 2002 model - It has 93K miles - Engine Check light is ON I went to get my emission test and they said my car failed and they gave an error code as "P1135" - How easy is it to fix it ? - Can it be fixed my self ? ( I am not an expert, but can give a try if its an easy fix ) - Or is it better to take to a dealer ?( I know they rip off with charges), any other recommendations ? - How much would it be to fix this P1135 error code ?
  2. I had recently purchased a used car - Lexus ES300 -2002 model. Its been 3 months. Usually I park my car in closed garage and usually do not care to lock it. Just wanted to know if leaving the car unlocked drains the battery ?
  3. I had recently purchased a used Lexus ES 300 (2002 model) from a dealer, may be 4 months ago. Just 2 days ago, when I was trying to start the car, it didn't. I had to do around 4-5 time and then it finally started. When I opened up the bonnet it had a Panasonic battery , not sure if its was the factory installed battery. There was a sticker on it which says "maintenance free" Questions: 1) What is this maintenance free mean ? 2) Can I replace the battery with any other walmart battery for my Lexus ES 300 ? or does it have to be any high power panasonic battery only ? 3) Usuall
  4. I brought a used 2002 Lexus ES300. It has a built-in DVD navigation. The DVD is Data 2001 Ver.1 86271-33030 464210-0186 How do I get a latest DVD for my Navigation. Can someone guide me or give me a link where I can get it.
  5. Hi Everyone, Just brought a 2002 Lexus ES300 used car few days ago. This is my first Lexus car and just started loving it. This car has 85K miles. Any tips & suggestions from the Lexus Gurus.
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