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  1. Found a Lexus TSB for this problem , here is a link to a page that has a pdf of that TSB http://www.lexustsb.com/questions/220/TSIB+NV008-07+%282007+LEXUS+ES+350%29%3A+INSTRUMENT+PANEL+RATTLE+NOISE
  2. I Have the same problem .My 07 ES350 has Dash rattles and squeaks on rough pavement and cold weather makes it worse . Took my car in to the dealer and left it there so they can drive it in the morning when its cold . Waiting to hear from them I hope they can fix that annoying problem.
  3. In june I got my first Lexus a few years old ES 350 with 23500 miles . I got the car from a private seller so I think I got a good deal .The previous owner must have not cared much for the car .It was badly in need of a detail so I got that done and now it looks perfect . I past 24000 miles and will be taking it for service in a few weeks and I have a question . Will I get a service loaner vehicle when my car goes in for service even if I didn't buy my car from a Lexus dealer ?