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  1. I'd like, in addition: 1. buttons for 6 preset radio stations on nav.-equiped models so you didn't have to go thru the nav. screen to directly access frequently used stations, 2. constant display of climate control settings, 3. readout of radio station with song info. on the dash (not center) screen, 4. front and side cameras standard, 5. standard xenon lights, 6. "juke-box" storage capability of mp3 songs, 7. better "off-the-line" power.
  2. Double post, whoops!
  3. Hello, My '10 HS is my 7th Lexus. My first was a '92 ES300 and I've owned almost one of each model, except for the SUV models. I've enjoyed them all except for one disappointment. I've also been known to hang-out on another Lexus board site. These are places where we can learn from others about our cars.
  4. I was told that it was transferable/ Um, I don't think it's transferable. I want through that same scenario with Sirius. Better double check on that.