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  1. $3 is not a lot of money. I told my wife the same thing. Go fill up at Sams Club or Costco and pay 20 cents less for the premium.
  2. We have the same problem with our new 07 RX350. I have a feeling it's the cargo cover. I used to have the same type of rattles coming from my 97 4Runner's cargo cover.
  3. Okay folks... The Wife just mashed up the RX after 3 weeks of having the truck (scraped wall in garage while parking). Not happy but I know we got to get it fixed. What is better, taking it to Lexus dealer to get the dent and paint fixed or to a normal bodyshop? I'm a stickler on how the truck looks so I want to get it fixed ASAP... What a way to spend a long weekend. Now I'll be doing drywall repair in the garage in 110 degree heat in Phoenix...
  4. The leather is the light gray. The dealer told me that blue jean stains won't come out. He also told me of the guy that they use for the leather repairs and he would airbrush color back for us. It's not that bad yet so if it gets really bad we'll go that route. Thanks for the advice everyone.
  5. Hey everyone. Has anyone run into the problem where the instrument warning lights come on for no reason while driving? We have a 2007 RX 350 that we just purchased used (not CPO, which I'm now regretting). All of the warning lights (VSC, Brake, Battery, etc) in the (middle or right, I don't remember now) cluster all of sudden come on. I'm afraid of going to the dealer because I know they won't be able to reproduce the problem since it only happens once and a while. We've only had the car for 8 days! I hope this isn't a constant problem with my (well, my wife's) Lexus.
  6. Hey thanks for the advice. One more question.... Just took a closer look at the driver's seat and I'm seeing some 'yellowing' of the leather on the sides. I mentioned it to the dealer and he said it could be due to lotions or other stuff that reacted with the leather. Is there anything I can do to get rid of it or am I stuck? It's not that bad, just annoying now that I know about it. I like my cars (especially my wife's RX) to look as good as possible.
  7. Hey everyone, I'm a proud owner of a 2007 RX 350... The wife is actually the one driving it, I'm still pushin the 1997 (yes 1997) 4Runner I bought right after I graduated college. I have a question for the forum. What is the best leather cleaner/conditioner to use? The dealer I bought it from said that he had it detailed but from the condition of the leather I think he only ran it through a $20 car wash. Also, has anyone ever had problems with getting service at their Lexus dealers? Or are they just like all factory dealers where they find ways to make you come back by sabotaging your car. I got burned by my Toyota service shop a few years ago and vowed to never go back. I'm hoping Lexus would be different.