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  1. Hi, I just bought my 07 ES350 UL and tried imputing phone numbers into the NAVI and I use a calling number for overseas calls that involves dialing a number, entering a password, and then my phone number. On my cell phone I have it working perfect with a pause function , but the same isnt working using my bluetooth attached to the car NAVI. Thanks!
  2. Hey I just got my ES 350 Ultra Luxury addition with the glass roof and really like the way the shark fin antenna looks on the new model and was wondering the best way I can add it onto my car. I called the dealer and they wanted $300 for the part and all I want is for the cosmetic value and no actual function from it. Any other ideas? I looked on ebay too but the products there dont look as nice as the Lexus factory one on the 2010's. Thanks!