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  1. We traded in our '07 es 350 on a cpo '14 es 350. After a few weeks driving in our Florida heat my wife and I found that our '07 seats did a much better job of cooling. We went to the dealer today and talked to one of the service advisors about the issue. She never heard of this and suggested we sit in another car to compare. I than asked her to check the service bulletins for our car and there was indeed a bulletin with our problem stated exactly. She ordered the repair parts and set us up with a repair date. This issue only effects the 2013 and 2014 models. So if you have one and feel that t
  2. I have always did this with my 2007, put 180000 mi on it and never changed trans fluid and never had a trans problem. just traded it in on a 2014 cpo.
  3. ball joints, tie rods checked, alignment recently done without a problem. I believe this was a trouble spot with this year and model.
  4. My '07 with 162000 mi has a looseness in the rack and pinion steering. Has any others had this problem? Can it be adjusted?
  5. For long trips I use the on board nav but i'll periodically use my smartphone to check traffic conditions up ahead ( saves data minutes) Shorter trips i'll just use smart phone, automatically re routes around tie ups...
  6. At 162000 mi the flare hasn't gotten any worse, after one complete upshift to 6th it usually goes away..No software update, mixed reviews on that fix.
  7. at 150000 mi car had developed a shimmy upon acceleration, mechanic traced it to a upper motor mount, also left CV joint seal ( replaced the whole assembly)...I avoid Lexus as much as possible use local mechanic,. Still have the transmission flare but it hasn't gotten any worse. I do have a problem with my rack and pinion ( loose) but not enough to repair yet. My mechanic says that the car should be good for 300000 mi without major problems. I have to admit I don't pamper the car, just changed the air filter ( previously just vaccummed it off), the original wipers changed at about 140000,mi,
  8. my '07 had and still has the flare since new, told it was normal on cold start up. After the first up shift through the gears it goes away. 162000 mi now with transmission flare but other than that the tranny is fine.
  9. both bulbs failed at different times ( same symptoms as mentioned here) replaced them and all is fine
  10. on my '07 ES 350 about 130000 mi, had shimmy with acceleration, had one CV joint and one motor mount replaced, fixed the problem. Still feel something loose at slow speed going over bumps but my mechanic said my tie rods, etc. were OK. Still, no vibration at any speed.
  11. So Rob, what did you decide to get?? I towed my ski for three years with my '07 ES 350 with no problems what so ever... like one of the other poster's said you don't even notice it's behind you...
  12. Mine has the same mileage and had the flare for at least 100,000 mi. After the car warms up it goes away. Haven't noticed it getting any worse...
  13. I've been towing a jet ski for over a year with my 07 ES 350. Trailer and ski Just under 1000#. No problem what so ever.......
  14. True but still an indication if others respond using the same method as I. Would be a better average I think
  15. thanks for the advice, no noise now? So it wasn't the pulley?
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