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  1. Hi, My name is Don and I recently purchased a silver 01 GS300. I've been a member of LOC for about 5 years and during that time I've owned a 93 LS400 and 99 RX300. Reading the questions and answers during the years has provided me with extremely valuable information regarding DIY work on the vehicles. I now look forward to keeping up to date on GS300 information. Don M.
  2. Dustin, I always take my Lexus to the dealer for service and have always received a free loaner. The loaners have always been NEW and most of the time a Lexus. Two times I received a NEW Camry. Every loaner I have used was ALWAYS clean inside and out. Two weeks ago, I took my 99 RX in and for the first time ever was given a choice of 3 different Lexus models to use as a loaner: 06 RX, 06 ES and 06 IS. I took the RX but really wanted the IS just to see if it handled like a BMW. Maybe next time if I'm offered a choice. Don M.
  3. Pushatam, I am a married male age 54 and got my 99RX in Sept.04. I traded in my 93 LS400. Sorriest thing I did. I'd love to have the LS back. don m
  4. I purchased mine from irontoad on 5/14/04. The part number is 88880-50010 but I paid $36.00 for them and I picked them up. don m
  5. I bought my 93LS from a Lexus dealer in Nov 02 and took it back to them for service until the used car warranty expired. Now I take it to the Toyota dealer that I dealt with for 16 years. They put in Lexus parts at Toyota labor prices. Don M. ;) ;)
  6. Welcome 87-TRDCressida, I've owned 2 Cressidas, 81 and 92. Best running cars I've ever owned other than my current 93LS. The LS runs and rides better than any vehicle I've had. My sister bought a 03 MB E320 back in November and my old 93LS has a far superior ride than the MB. Welcome to the club! Don M. :D :D
  7. Mister Jed, Yes I installed a Tornado in my 93LS back in June 03. My daily commute to work gas mileage increased from 17.5 to 20.5 which surprised me very much. It has now dropped down to 19.5 which is still better than the original. I do not notice any difference in horsepower but then I rarely put the pedal to the metal. It just seemed like it would be worth trying and had a 30 day money back guarantee so if it didn't work I would have returned it. Don M. :D :D
  8. Richard, It was EXACTLY as you said including the WD-40. Thank you so much for your help. Don M. :D :D :D Now
  9. The driver side running light on my 93LS needs to be replaced. I have surfed the LS400/430 forums and found info about the headlights but nothing specific to the running light. Assuming the running light bulb replacement would be similar, does the battery really have to be removed in order to access the back of the bulb housing or is there a EASIER way? Don M. :(
  10. My preferrable order goes G2, G4, G3, G1. I really like the style of the G2 but love the interior of the G4. It's something to look forward to on my future LS400. Don M. :D
  11. My name is Don and I joined LOC on 5-3-03. I posted a question regarding the cassette player in the LS400 and did receive 2 helpful responses. What I failed to do was introduce myself. Please accept my apologies. I purchased my 93 LS400 in Nov.02 from a local Lexus dealer and is the first Lexus I've owned. It had 55,000 miles on it when I purchased it and is in excellent condition. A 6 month / 6,000 mile warranty was included in the purchase price. It is without a doubt the best riding car I've ever owned. This car even impressed my wife. I expect to keep this car for approximately 5 or 6 years and then get a newer one. Until then we hope for happy motoring, especially on our yearly drive to Florida for a weeks vacation at Disney World. We drove this vehicle there in Dec 02 and I was really surprised with the gas mileage (average 25.5 mpg) and racked up 2350 miles. I did have the power steering pump replaced in April. The warranty had actually expired because the 6000 miles had been surpassed by just 500 but the dealer replaced it at no charge anyway (would have been $732.00). What a break that was. A bigger surprise was how tight the steering is now. It is like driving a new car. Anyway, that's about it. I look forward to reading posts especially about the LS400 and hopefully will be able to assist someone sometime. Thanks, Don M. : :D :D
  12. The speakers in my 93 LS400 work until I insert a cassette then all of the speakers on the drivers side quit. Any suggestions.
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