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  1. Hey guys, Im new to the forum here. My name is Damian and I drive a 2005 Lexus Rx330 I had a few questions about the air suspension in the RX 330. I've been trying to research about it online but have had no luck getting a lot of information. Questions 1) Can I substitue the entire air suspension with a regular strut and coil spring? 2) Can you replace just the strut part of the assembly w/o replacing the entire component? 3) How reliable is the air suspnsion in the RX 330? Is this something that needs to be replaced every so often like a traditional strut? It's been frustrating finding anything about this online so hopefully someone can help me out. I just want to do a bit of research so that if it ever comes time I know what options I have. I've heard these struts are very expensive. Thanks!
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