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  1. All, I have a 1998 GS300 that I recently acquired. It's been fairly well taken care of (routine services weren't handled by Lexus but by a competant 3rd party mechanic, but they are all on time). I have a couple of the usual GS issues with a failing door lock actuator motor and the Pioneer radio display partially missing, but a couple of things that I wanted to get an opinion from the collective on: 1) Brake buzzing: I've searched and read about the master cylinder failing, but I haven't seen my specific situation commented on. My master cylinder buzzes much more frequently than I'm used to (like an ABS accumulator pressurizing after having been off for a while). There's an initial buzz when starting the car that lasts I think 4 seconds, then buzzing when I use the brakes to stop from typically >10MPH which lasts 2 seconds. The fluid level and condition is good, the brakes work normally, and no indicator lights on the dash during normal driving (no VSC or ABS lights come on, just for a few seconds when starting the car). It seems to be a stable condition at this time, having done it for the last thousand or so miles since I got the car. The brake fluid level does not seem to go down. 2) Power delivery lag: Occasionally, when coasting at a slow speed, if I apply the gas it seems like it takes a second or two to "catch", almost as though something in the transmission needs to "fill up" before engaging, so it's not as graceful as other driving conditions. It doesn't shift harshly and all gears seem to engage normally, and taking off from a dead stop is completely fluid (as is shifting into/out of neutral). The transmission fluid looks normal and it doesn't look burned at all (it was replaced in the last 10k miles or so). Is this a characteristic of the powertrain? Thanks! CruzinGS
  2. In Sunny Santa Cruz, CA, we're at $2.99/gallon for regular unleaded, $3.19/gallon for premium.
  3. Just acquired a 1998 Lexus GS300. It's a (now) 3-owner car (lease return, second owner sold it to me). So far I've had it two days and driven maybe 50 miles. I paid $6000 for it with 94k miles on it. The previous owner had recently done a 90k service replacing the timing belt, water pump, tensioner, and also a full rear brake job including rotors. She's diamond white pearl with gray leather (in ridiculously good condition for a '98, IMHO). She lived in a garage for most of her life. Problems? The front wheels are a bit out of balance, it may also have slightly warped front rotors, Lexus audio system's (not Nakamechi (sp)) display doesn't, and I have a slight leak at the valve cover gasket on the intake side, or someone oopsed with a bottle of oil at last change. I also have a flaky door lock actuator in the passenger's side rear (works frequently when cold, doesn't work frequently when warm outside). No mods to the car at this time. Probably will keep it stock, but I want to investigate an intake and computer if they'll increase mileage. No pictures at this time, but will update post when I do take some snaps.