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  1. That's called a flush, and I DO NOT recommend it on a high mileage vehicle. The process can, and often does break loose deposits that have built up inside the transmission over years and this can lead to transmission failure in the near future. A drain and fill is the way to go. You might be right. Similar saying as why some people do not switch to synthetic oil. But I think it depends on car and luck. Some mechanic once told me that they had a car with transmission that did not work at all. They did the flush, and car started driving. Yes drain/fill is probably best, but for others flus
  2. some shops have this machine that uses fluid to clean /replace fluid, costs 80-110 bucks. Might be worth it for easy change. Make sure they use a good quality fluid . I did it once , might do it again . I just hit 155555 miles, lol
  3. even though its non interference, what happens if timing belt snaps at like 85 mph? will it damage anything?
  4. OK, finally installed new kyb struts and mounts. All rears ran me 400 dollars including parts and labor. I think its not too bad for 2. NOw I just need to replace a flex pipe. Mine is busted and making car sound like a race car lol. he quoted me 175, going to see if i can find cheaper. BTW, no light came on after replacing avs with non avs struts. So i am a happy camper. thanks for help
  5. do you need some sort of converter, adapter to put non avs struts on avs es300? or its all bolt on w/o plugging in the electric stuff?
  6. would I still need strut mount for this one? and some strut bushing kit? to make sure i replace everything at once? (So that i guarantee no more rattles etc) thanks
  7. hey Thanks for reply. My sway bar bushing were replaced, and that did solve the noise rattle from back. But now the noise is very very heavy like something is really loose. I think the strut mounts are all messed up. As far as getting used, i think its a gamble. I might just replace with non AVS ones . when car was checked last time, mechanic said one of stuts is leaking, when i go over bumps on turn my cars rear kind of jumps/slips from side to side. Not a great feeling, Hopefully thats the bad struts and not something else. The car sits just fine though and rides fine on nic
  8. hey, My rear is starting to rattle like crazy, and on bumps+turns it throws the car to one side and other. I believe i need to replace rear struts and mounts. I have 97 es300 with avs, can I replace with regular struts instead? Avs struts are 320 each + shipping, thanks in advance
  9. yes he did put in 32psi in all tires before doing the wheel balancing (I think I will up it to 35psi all around soon). No I did not get the print out of results of the alignment. I guess he had the wheel crooked when he did it. Or maybe something is bent under and causing this. Not a big deal as long as the car dont pull to one side. Going to try going 80+ today and see how it handles ; ) . Also there are few turns that I usually take at 30-40 mph, i will see how well it holds now on new tires. Need to do rear rotors and brakes now though. And closer to july I might invest in ne
  10. hello, I ended up with kumho solus KR21 from Strauss shop. install, balance, wheel alignment 506 including tax, + 10 dollar tip - 75 bux rebate. so total about 422 everything. I think this is the cheapest deal. at first I was going with solus KH16, but they did not have and gave me KR21 instead for same price. Havent drove it at 60+ mph but seem fine for now. Steering wheel is just a tad crooked now(very very slight). Only complaint is when I stop i have some vibration in wheel, not sure if its the road, rear brakes, or something is wrong. I will drive for a week and f
  11. thanks again for reply. Yes i originally wanted is300 rims on my es300 which look pretty good . But decided against it(Due to cost) Now my tires are almost fully gone, steering wheel vibrating etc, so I decided to get a new set. Even if I decide to sell car , then new tires would make it a better bargain for a person. If i decide to keep it, the new tires will serve me a long time. thanks again
  12. hey LexusFreak thanks for the recomendations. 2 questions . How are Kumho Ecsta LX Platinum, they are on sale on now , 4 for 305 shipped. or the cheaper - solus kh16. also does 205 60 16 fit my stock 15 inch rim? will it lower mpg? is it worth getting a bit bigger tire? thanks again
  13. Hi, just wondering if some one would recommend a good tire choice for 97 es300 . Mine are almost bare now. Also my wheel keeps pulling left and right not sure if due to tires or need wheel alignment. I live in NYC, so need something that will work in rain, snow. I dont mind a stiffer ride if it gives me better handling. Not too cheap but not super expensive either. thanks in advance. Ilya
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