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  1. Are you lowered? If so, how low? Stock height they will fit just fine.
  2. There are a few memebers on ClubLexus that have done this. Here is one of the write-ups. Also, what bushings are you using to replace the old ones?
  3. Clicking could be a couple of things. Axle maybe going Check your ball joints and tie rods (inner and outer)
  4. Make sure to take all the trim off first. As you take out screws/bolts/nuts, make sure to bag and tag them. Just remember to take your time and be patience. Also, get and buddy to help you. GL
  5. Please don't do it. The largest i would run would be 19s or 20s without issues.
  6. Try moving the seat all the way up first before removing the seat. It that doesn't work, use something long and try to push it out. If that doesn't work, remove the bolt bolts, unplug the harness from under the seat, then lift out. GL
  7. A supra swap (2jz-gte) will def. take care of your speed problem. Does require a lot of money to get it done properly. GL
  8. GO to an auto parts store and rent a code scanner. After you pull the code. GOOGLE is your friend to help you diagnose your problem. GL
  9. Ceramic for sure! Try for all your brake needs.
  10. If you are planning on replacing the factory sub, then yes the amp will work as long as the wattage is the similar.
  11. Depends on your budget. Coilovers for sure! I personally run Teins and love them.
  12. For the turn signal, pop the hood, locate the correct plug, twist out, change blub, and twist back in. If you are referring to the bumper lens, then cut the wheel in, move the fender liner, twist out the plug, replace bulb, and reverse steps. Or remove the fog light, 2 screws, and reach in. The follow previous steps. GL
  13. IMO i think the wood, unless oem, looks tacky. I suggest you contact and order the japanese oem part that is color matched. I have attached a pic to show you want i'm talking about.
  14. I would definitely get a buddy to help you for this as it will take some time and patience. I would start with the trunk and work your way forward because the trunk in the easiest to remove all the trim. Check out Second Skin Audio, as they make a similar product but cheaper. Their website also offers tools and tips. Good luck!
  15. 01+ tail light with wire harness?
  16. I am new to this site and cannot PM you. Can you please email me about the purchase of this shift knob. I can paypal immediately.
  17. I must advice you to use the advanced search first. Also, at the top of the page, there is a sticky with all the DIYs you will ever need. GL
  18. You absolutely have to remove the bumper cover. There are screws on the side and possibly underneath.
  19. Yes they are the same. I would recommend some KYB or Bilstein w/ adjustable dampening.
  20. OEM ball joints and tie rods from Sewell Lexus in TX. They are a sponsor on ClubLexus and offer 10 or 15% discount (can't remember). IIRC the ball joints where $127 shipped to my door, but don't hold me to that price.
  21. I have Tein SS coils, Daizen sways, Tein strut bars, Daizen steering rack bushings, Front RCAs, New tie rods and ball joints, L-Tuned steering ECU, and 19s. And i still ride smooth a stock without the boat feeling. The ride is stiffer, but i prefer it that way. Check out . There is tons of info about suspension.
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