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  1. I know what you mean - my fuel gauge needle totally burned out, which is what prompted me to finally get them fixed. I can see all my needles now, so that's the good part, but the overall quality of the product did not match expectations at all. What color needles did you have? I've been curious if other colors were any better; as I said, my only experience is with red needles.
  2. Agreed. And I'm one of the suckers. :) Had my backlighting and needles done, and while I was at it, had the climate control display redone and the speedo/tach fixed. I should have done more research, or placed a smaller order before committing more funds. Backlighting on climate and cluster looks fine, no complaints. I have a 95 SC, so the needles can only be done in red. They look decent at night - nothing special, but OK. During the day, they wash out very bad and look awful. Other colors might be fine, I can't comment on that, but red is terrible. If I had to do it over again, I probably would replace the needles and get a different color, possibly from a different vendor as there are others out there. Also, on the speedo/tach fix - it works OK, a little better than before but not perfect; sometimes it takes a few minutes for things to warm up and my speed/tach to start working. What I didn't know is that the speedo/tach issue might be motherboard-related, which is something Lextech can't fix. I can understand that, but it isn't made clear that that is a possibility beforehand. And the turnaround time was 5 weeks, which was way, way too long, IMO.