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  1. With our RX300, 1999 (130,000 miles), we're experiencing a noise in the back end. We had been told the struts needed replacing. We did with Monroes and it made a weird noise. The shop replaced them again, and the noise is back. The shop says they think it's springs---but you can't buy springs without the struts (which are new). We took it to a toyota shop (no lexus in our city), and they thought it was the struts--- There's no noise if the road is smooth. Hear the noise as soon as the load of weight in the car increases, i.e., one person not much noise. Three and the 'clunk' happens. The noise is quick, a loud thunk, and that's all. The shocks are guaranteed--but we need to know what steps to take...go ask for the struts to be replaced, check the bushings, something to check? Is it likely that the springs are an issue? The Toyota mechanic said maybe after we told him the struts had been replaced---but I don't think that they have much experience with Lexus RX's in our city. HELP.