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  1. Yes it did happen before and I did get it fixed by playing around doing the same things I'm doing now. Sorry but I don't have the "Map Voice", its the deck without the GPS. That sounds like a good plan to unplug the battery. I'll give it a try and see how it goes...thanks!! I agree, it sounds like a glitch, I haven't seem much people with this issues, I can be the one off. Maybe its a sign to change out the unit. Thanks cduluk, I'll let you know how it goes.
  2. thats correct....every time I've done this the car was always on. So lets say I start the car, splash screen shows with Lexus logo than it goes black. Music will start the play AC will work like normal. When I press audio (for example) the screen will display the audio screen, If I press audio again it goes black. Now, if its at a black screen then I press audio, then press will go from audio screen to climate screen with no issues. It seems when I press that "Screen off" option it keeps reverting back to that option but I don;t know how to get it out.
  3. I have a 2006 GS 300 without navi. I had this issue before but I don't know how I fixed it :P . The problem started when I was waiting on my girl but she was taking to long so I took a nap, the screen was bugging me so I selected Display button, then selected "screen off" on the LCD screen, this turned off the screen but music was still playing. When I start the car the screen shows the Lexus splash screen then goes off but my music will start to play automatically. I press any of the 4 buttons (Display\Info\Audio\Climate) the screen will come back on, I press any of this buttons again it will come off. The way it was before it would always stay on no matter what I press. I also tried to disable to function that auto transition to certain screens but that had no affect. It bugs me as I want the screen to stay on and not go black when I'm driving. If i adjust the volume the top will show on the display the volume increasing but the full screen is still black. Its hard for me to explain, but I'm hoping someone knows exactly what I'm talking about and can help. Thanks in advance,
  4. I have the exact same problem all the way down to the black tail pipe, the dealer was no help. I did notice that it happens more with extreme cold or heated days...always on a cold start. After driving for at least 5mins and you turn off and on the car ... the light will then go off. When the light is on traction control doesn't work and I believe ABS doesn't work as well(no sure on the ABS as I haven't tested it, I know traction for sure). My car is the 06 RWD GS300 as well. Any help anyone can provide will greatly be appreciated.