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  1. While thumbing through Consumer Reports (April, 2018), the annual car issue, there is a section titled "Worst Used Cars." Listed was the 2016 GX460. In the Readability Charts the Drive System was given an almost Worst rating. And the overall Owner Reliability was rated Worst. Never heard, until now, that the 2016s had any problems. Anybody know what's going on with the 2016s?
  2. I need to replace a switch on the driver's seat side panel, the panel containing the controls seat movement. It appears that there is a screw or two inside of the panel hidden by the bottom seat cushion. The question is: does the bottom seat cushion need to be removed? Or is there another way to remove the side panel? This is for a 2004 ES330
  3. In previous posts, the method to allow entering destination while on the move has been given. Here’s another hidden menu to play with. While changing the Bluetooth volume in a Highlander, I found that the same method works in my ’04 ES330 and displays another hidden menu. Only problem is that I’m not too technically savvy to venture too far in this newly discovered menu, anyone willing to give it a shot? Here’s how to enter this hidden menu. 1) close all doors and keep foot off of the brake 2) set the headlight switch to DRL OFF 3) turn the ignition to the ON position but do not start the engine. 4) press the disclaimer button 5) press and hold the INFO button 6) while holding the INFO button, move the headlight switch back and forth from AUTO to DRL OFF three times, about 1 movement per second. The sequence starts with the switch in the DRL OFF (step 2) and goes AUTO, DRL OFF, AUTO, DRL OFF, AUTO, DRL OFF. 7) the nav screen will now display a System Check Mode screen. Press Menu in the upper right corner This is where I have to stop and let some tech wizard take it from here and report back to us, what he/she found. So who’s up to the challenge?
  4. Sorry for not saying it, but that was the first thing I checked. I was in the correct zone.
  5. I just determined that the navigation update has some problems. Namely, I can't enter any address within my state of Washington. I can't enter the larest city, Seattle nor can the Nav system even accept the selling dealer's address! I'll be calling Lexus on Monday. Has anyone else have any problems with the Nav update?
  6. The car is a 04 ES330 and I found out that the glove box light will only work when the parking lights are turned on. Has anyone rewired the light so that it turns on when ever the glove box is open and without the need to turn on the parking lights? I would appreciate any info you have to offer. Thanks!!