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  1. This happened to mine. Just take off the caps and apply slight outward pressure to each metalic tab and snap it back on. It will restore the tight fit it previously had. Hope that helps, Snes
  2. You need to get an elbow for your ratchet, and an extension. Then just stick your arm way in there and go to town! No engine removal required.
  3. OK, take them off...then just add enough pressure outward to each prong (tab) to move them ~1mm all the way around. This will ensure a tighter fit on your wheel. If the cap is hard to snap back in, make sure the prongs are directed to the center and punch it in. You will have no more noise.
  4. My toyo/lex pads had a blue backing, but no matter. When you put them on, in addition to the shims did you use Brake Quiet or some other type noise reducing goop? steviej Nope, should I redo them?
  5. I bought them from Toyota and they came in the Toyota box. They were green in the back, and I think black in the front. Part# 04465-33060 for the front. The noise seems to only come at very very low mph, like when I am parking and seems to be coming from the front.
  6. I recently put new pads all the way around my ES with factory pads. Ran normal at first, then about 1 month later I get a really high pitches squeeeeek when I slowly come to a stop <10mph. If i'm hauling &#33;Removed&#33; and stop quickly, I notice no noise. I am pretty sure I put the shims back in exactly the same place I took them off but still cant figure out the squeak. Can anybody help? Thx, Snes
  7. That was a sweet video. Looked like an automatic tranny also. Whats with that disclaimer at the end of the video though?
  8. ^^^^ What he said. Moonroof=glass, sunroof=opaque!
  9. Well, heres a quick photoshop. Since we have the same ride I just used mine since I had a better perspective to work with. Enjoy! And my "attempt" with yours! Snes
  10. You need to disconnect the motor from the regulator. If I remember there is 3 bolts. Then you can pull the window up and support it with wood or something long until you can replace the regulator. Check the motor by connecting the power supply and use the up/down button (unbolted from regulator). The motor RARELY goes out. Hope this helps!
  11. Does the car need to be jacked or anything during this procedure?
  12. *sigh* Ya I know. My avatar probably makes me look worse! I really don't look like that. I just have a hard time dealing with stuff like this, especially after mentioning it right before the procedure. I work in a hospital pharmacy where errors are not tolerated, so my threshold for snapping might be a little premature for most. In any case, the purpose of this was to find out if the switch back to red would be an issue or not. And yes I did recieve a call from both the manager and master tech notifying me of their whereabouts. After I get my flush, I will put that place behind me. Oh
  13. All they're obligated to do is to use coolant which meets Lexus specs. They presumably did that. If you wanted something different, you should have written it on the service write up. If you did that, take it back and have them do what you requested. If you didn't write it up, you're SOL. Like I mentioned previously, I did discuss using "red" with the guy and I figured a verbal was good as gold. In any case, I did call them this morning and mentioned what I stumbled upon and they agreed to flush it and use the red. I have been going to them for years but the manager and master tech that
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