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  1. Thanks guys, but since it's only been like 2 days, my mechanic said I can return them and get the factory ones, gonna cost twice as much, but it's def worth a try.
  2. I'm looking for a 2007 ES 350 for under $20,000 high miles is definitely OK prefers gray on gray body work / cosmetic probs OK accident NOT interested and no snow plz located in Houston, TX but willing to travel To be more specific, I have this car negotiated to $18k, looking to beat it Thanks
  3. To begin with, I know very little about cars, and even less about luxury ones. So what happened is I just recently put on some KYB GR-2s on my 2000 LS400, and its rides so hard that I can feel every crack in the road like a sports car, which I don't like. I'm looking to restore that great Lexus ride. Basically I'm just here asking for other recommendations before I just go ahead and buy a set from the dealer. What's Lexus' OEM anyways? BTW I did try to search for this topic first, but if I am reposting, I apologize, and I hope you won't mind just directing me to the right place. Thanks for your help.
  4. First I was having a vibration problem at lower speeds like 45 or 55. I went to balance the tires, and Discount Tire found a problem with one tire so they replaced it. When it still wouldn't balance, they said that the wheel was actually bent, so fine, we switched it out with the spare. Now the problem is MUCH better, but I still have a vibration that occurs between 70-80 mph and its getting really annoying as 70mph is the avg speed of traffic on the freeway. I had them rebalance all the tires and swap them around, and still nothing. I could be wrong, but it feels like its coming from both the car and the steering wheel. This happened once before - Discount balanced my tires several times over and I still had this persistent vibration. Paid Lexus to balance it and they said one of my tires were not "true" and to get it replaced. After I did that, all was fine. I have no clue why I bought another set from Discount after that!! ... oh yea, now I remember, cuz it was only $300 for a set of michelins. But the point of that story is bassically to ask, if untrue tires is my problem again, how do I find out before I have to go fight with Discount again? I don't know if they have the "true-ing" machine that Lexus does, they jus use the balancing machine.
  5. Thanks so much OP!! Been living with this busted sub on my 2000 LS since almost 2004! such an embarrassment for ppl in the back seat having to deal with that terrible noise all this time. Since that was so simple, my automatic next thought was, will this work on any cheapo home theater sub?? Does anyone know? That would be incredibly helpful. THanks in advance.