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  1. We have a GX470 2004 and all 4 of the wheels corroded. Because we had an extended warranty, all 4 were replaced in 2006. We also had a set of wheels with snow tires, and Lexus replaced all 4 of those.
  2. Here is the picture after I used the products
  3. Had our 2004 in for 60,000 mile check. They found the back brakes bad, so we had them replaced, and it wasn't two weeks later the calipers on the front brakes siezed. Seemed kind of wierd, but we took their word, replaced calipers under warranty, and also applied front brakes, which we had to pay for. We think the tech machined cut the rotors so much that the pedal kept going to the floor. We had it in two more times, and they kept saying it was fine, and bled the brakes, but the brakes never felt correct. Over the weekend, my husband put on new front rotors, more new brake pads, and bled them again, saying there was so much air in the lines, he doesn't even believe the tech bled them at all. The brakes now work, the wheels don't vibrate as bad, and the pedal isn't going all the way to the floor. Should have done the brake job ourselves from the start. Only lost out about 1000 dollars...My take on this, do the work yourself, or have someone you know do it.
  4. I found a new product called Zotwave Glosswave for my 2004 GX470 exterior paint, and wondered if anyone else has tried it? I have tried many other spray detailers, but this one seems to give my car the best shine I have ever had, almost brings it back to the original showroom look.
  5. Hi,I own a 2004 GX470, with 60,000 miles, and thought about trading it in, but with the economy and all decided to clean it up. I put on new wheels, new brakes, and cleaned it with Zotwave. has a Quick Spray Detailer called Glosswave that brought out a shine that makes it look brand new. This car has been the best, and hoping to drive it another 60,000 miles.

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