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  1. Nice work man, thank you very much for sharing! Cheers!
  2. Why offer luggage when the Superman edition ES300 comes with a HUGE case of !Removed! Kryptonite?
  3. ;) they not mean it goes to show you how many real losers are in the world and they show up in many different forms :D My point exactly (see below):
  4. How was that process aside from tedious? Thinking about replacing mine. Any tips on how you did it you could share?
  5. Ebay is a solid option. You may also want to try a Want To Buy post in the classifieds on here as well. A 3rd option I've used before, is scanning all the US craigslist to find people parting out ES300's. Search with these keywords without quotes "parting out es300" on Google. Some are individuals, some are scrapyards. I know for a fact right now there is a scrapyard up near Scranton, PA that has a 94 ES with numerous parts. You could give them a call, they will ship. Masleys Auto Wreckers 36 Terrace Road Freeland, PA 18224 570-636-2690
  6. I can sum it up in one sentence for everyone else: "Look at me ladies :cries: , I am a total stud :chairshot: that lacks the basic ability to determine what's tasteful, so I will put comic book stickers all over my car in order make my car look as obnoxious as my personality! " GBHRPS brought up some very helpful pointers, he was trying to be as polite as possible about it. But since you have chosen to be the douchetroll, expect to have as many friends on here as you have in real life: ZERO.
  7. For a 1995 ES300 (part #: 16960-62010). Please let me know it's condition & your price w/ shipping. Thanks!!
  8. Having just done this job myself last week, there is no need to bleed it at all. I did read somewhere on the boards that it's really not neccessary, wish I could site the post but I'm sure a simple search will bring up the debate on it. While you're under there, probably a good idea to check your brake hoses for cracks as well. Found some on both of mine (bottom of hose at the very top) and had those replaced those as well. The mechanic did bleed my brakes at that time... Oh! Just make sure you have a bolt that you can thread into those two holes located on the center cap to pop off the roto
  9. Update: Just took it up to get the brake hoses replaced at a shop I've used in the past. The guy there listened and instantly said it was a bad fan motor.
  10. ??? FAN CLUTCH for a transverse engine??? I suggest you download the manual and look at the cooling section. Only cars with conventional engine mounting can have a fan clutch, if I remember correctly, you have electric fans. Sorry... forgive me, I'm not a mechanic by any means & I thought it wasn't right once I started looking around. Guess it's just the SC's & LS's that have them. It's actually a hydraulic fan, not electric. Power Steering fluid is fine. My mechanic just recently replaced the High Pressure PS in my car & actually come to think of's been VERY noticabl
  11. Hi all, Reading through the forums, I've hopefully diagnosed a problem on my car that quite a few people before me seemed to be having. With the A/C on, my radiator fan revs ridiculously loud when I accelerate. Off it's fine... If I'm guessing right, it's due to a bad fan clutch. I tested my fan by spinning it while the engines of and there's no resistance at all, spins around at least 9 times with a simple push. Searching around for a 1995 ES300 "fan clutch" at different auto websites & ebay yields no results. Which got me questioning if the ES300 even has a fan clutch (most of the iss
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