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  1. I have changed the fuel pump as well as a few sensors in my 1993 Lexus LS400. The car is still sputtering...hesitating to pick up speed at the rate it should. What else could it be? Even tried some injection cleaners
  2. I'm really in a bind. Bought a used '93 LS400 for my kid that was a trade in at a local used car dealer. The car wouldn't stay started and the owner of the car lot told me it was the mass air flow sensor. Had that changed and car was running fine. As I drove off the lot at a high rate of speed, car was fine for 2 miles. All of sudden when trying to press down on the accelerator to give it comes the sputtering and missing. When I put it in park, it revs up fine. Once i put it into drive, the sputtering and missing comes into play. I NEED HELP...someone please lead me in the right direction. Money is funny right now. The Tailgate Specialist