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  1. I had my airbags pop off after I lifted my GX. I decided that I did not want the cost of new air bags so I had coils installed an love them. TexGX
  2. I have an 04 with KDSS. I am one of those strange people that does take the GX offroad. The KDSS works great to increase the wheel artictulation. The main reason for KDSS for me would be the improvement on the road. The KDSS version has much less body roll. TexGX
  3. My wife has decided that she does not want the grill guard on anymore. I am asking $350. I will deliever around the Houston area. PM me if you are interested. SOLD!
  4. SilverGX, Gig'em! I have taken my GX to General Sam's Off road park north of Huntsville. It is worth a try. TexGX
  5. I had mine done yesterday. They replace the drive shaft and upper/lower control arms. So far So good. I will let you know if it last. TexGX
  6. Hey, can any one post a picture of the wiring diagram for the adaptor that came with the GX? I can not find mine. I just bought the Prodigy for my trailer and can not install it until I see the intructions. TexGX
  7. I meet with the regional rep tomorrow about the clunk. Anyone have any suggestions or technical advice on why it is happening and how it needs to be fixed? I would like to go in knowing as much as possible. TexGX
  8. I have a meeting with the area rep for lexus to look at my clunk problem. Any suggestions on how I should handle the meeting. Also, does anyone have a way to fix the problem that lexus has not found yet. Any techical information on the problem would also be great. TexGX
  9. I use my off-road all the time. Watch out for the running boards. I would not worry about a winch, just wheel with a few friends that can pull you out if needed. Make sure you have the right recovery gear. Never use a strap with metal hooks. As long as you take it slow, you should be alright. I prefer not to go mudding, as this thing is a beast to clean afterwards. TexGX
  10. I had my wife make a custom cover for the back seat. I did not want the dogs scratching up the leather. She used a color matched heavy fabric. The only thing I don't like is it is not water proof. I prefer the dogs in the back seat so we can put the camping gear in the cargo area. TexGX
  11. if u dont mind me asking (i'm just curious), why are you selling ur bug shield??? :o ← I like the way it looks without it on with my grill guard. If I did not have my grill guard, I would not be selling it. I just figured no sense in having it laying around in my garage. TexGX
  12. I have a bug shield for the GX I would like to sell. I would prefer to not ship it. I live in the Houston area and would be willing to meet you anywhere around Houston. Send me a private message if you are interested.
  13. it did happen to me once before and i brought it to the dealer and they reset it. they didn't tell me what happen with it but...good luck ← Did you check the spare tire. I had the same thing happen and it ended up being the spare tire.
  14. I put it on by myself. I think I had my wife help hold it once. I also have the matching taillight covers. The rear right is a pain to instal. It has been great. I have check a few times to make sure that everything is tight and everything still is. TexGX
  15. I would like to get the spare from under the truck to a more practical place. I have research the options and I think I have found an answer. The Prado can have the tire mounted on the door. Does anyone know how I could get the parts used to mount mine on the door? TexGX
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