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  1. Pear: Are you asking Uzi or me for a link? If me, here it is: I suggest you view Post #25 for written instructions and then Post #20 for photos. Post numbers are on the right side of the screen. And I don't know if you can open the link without first joining the club (free/easy), but worth a try.
  2. MadHungarian


    SC430 (2003)
  3. No one has mentioned the following, so I will: If you go to the SC430 form at the Club Lexus web site and open the sticky entitled "How to disable tire-pressure monitoring (TPM) system?" you will find instructions on how to do so, as well as a discussion of pros and cons. It took me 20 minutes. If you go this old-school route, just be sure to buy a mechanical (pencil-type) tire pressure guage and take a couple of miunutes to use it every week or so.
  4. The owner's manual provides instructions--it ain't easy!
  5. If you look at the SC color charts ( will see a chart for the 3rd generation SC (2011-coming soon). News to me. Any info on this out there? And yes, Lexus does know a lot that I don't.
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