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  1. as the title says, i need a ecu for a 93-94 ls400. non california model. please lmk how much including shipping to spring hill, florida, 34608. thanks. William
  2. well, im getting error 41 and bucking if i push the gas too hard in my 93 ls400. i already replaced the tps with a perfect one, had the ecu rebuilt by ati, and checked continuity of the wires from the tps plug to the ecu, they are all perfect. i had been emailing ati for a few days. last thing he asked me to do was check the voltage at the idl pin of the tps connector with it unplugged. pin1 vc is 5v pin2 vta is 1.7v pin3 idl is 10v pin 4 gnd is gnd shouldnt the vta pin be reading 0v when unplugged from the tps since it is the signal from the tps when connected? does anyone know if 1.7v on that pin is normal? i emailed this info to ati and havent heard back from them in 2 days now. any help would be appreciated as this is the only error im getting now and i have tested the tps multiple times and even bought a brand new meter thinking maybe mine was reading wrong as its 10 years old. still checks out perfect according to the repair manual.
  3. im surprised no one here has just had a speaker repair shop replace the surround. you can have just the surround on the speaker replaced and its very cheap. and if the voicecoil ever gets blown they can recone the speaker as well. theres a place in tampa florida called "the speaker exchange" that does this. ive had the surrounds on an infinity center channel speaker redone there and my brother has had some old cerwin vega 12in subs reconned there years ago. once you have the subwoofer grille off on the rear of an ls400, there are 4 10mm bolts holding it in. use a ratchet and deepwell 10mm socket to remove these. then 1 electrical clip and it comes out. you can take it to a local place or prolly mail it to the place i mentioned to be repaired and then reinstall it when it is shipped back. this would be a more permanent repair then the hot glue trick. heres a link to their site. http://speakerex.com/ and no, i do not work for them. i just used to live about a mile from them and passed them all the time. also, this would replace the ml woofer without damaging the amp. just wire the voicecoils in series for the origonal 12ohms http://speakerex.com/88P.html
  4. im still in need of a gauge cluster. its the last thing i need so i can start driving my ls400.
  5. thanks. im not sure its a trace issue though. my fuel gauge works. car hasnt moved in 2 weeks as im trying to fix the cluster first and also sent the ecu out to be refurbished. the fule gauge when you turn the key on goes to full sometimes. other times it goes just barely over empty. then other times half tank. and others 3/4. no fuel has been added and it will do this in the coarse of minutes. also, the needle for my speedo is physically broken. was like that when i got the car and i got a 90-92 cluster for cheap as someone told me i could swap the speedo itself into my cluster. took them both apart and this is not possible. no way no how. the drive mechanism for the needle is a diff size plus the electrical boards on the speedo's themselves and how they mount are totally different. i still need a 93-94 cluster. the junkyards around here are insane with their prices, and i only need it for parts anyhow.
  6. Im in need of a gauge cluster for a 93-94 ls400. it doesnt need to be fully functional but i need at least the speedo/tach needle to be working and unbroken. also need both boards to be unmolested. previous owner tried a repair on the boards and damaged the traces so i need the circuit boards to replace them. lmk what you have and the price including shipping to 34608 Spring Hill, Florida. William
  7. id double check the firing order. 2 wires swapped can cause all sorts of issues. but id check the wheel the cam sensor reads from as well. if the sensor checks out on the meter a wire may have broken inside the harness when you moved it. they are old and can get very brittle.
  8. im not sure what they go for. do you have an idea on price?
  9. my speedo is dead so i need another cluster at least with a working speedo for parts. previous owner had taken it apart and broke the speedo needle, so i need a new one. anyone have an old cluster laying around they can part with? William