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  1. I generally get a gust of built up pressure when I open my cap. Since it`s a sealed cap, I wasn't surprised.
  2. Old thread I know. So, we all know it's a non interference engine. A buddy of mine went to buy an engine and asked me a few things about it. The place selling the engine called him and said sorry, it turns out the engine had a broken belt. But they had another engine (both '95) and sold him that one, and also gave him the broken one for free. He stripped down the one with the broken belt and found everything nice and clean inside, but had three bent valves.
  3. My master key also goes only part way into the trunk lock, I have to wiggle it and push to get it to go the rest of the way so it will turn.
  4. It's do-able, but people who have tried have found a few hiccups along the way. You'll need the Soarer fuel sender in the tank, and have to convert from Km/H to MPH. Here's a link for someone who is going that route: -=Photon=-