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  1. Can someone recommend a mechanic/shop in Orlando FL that has Lexus/Toyota experience. I need to replace the power steering pump on my 95 LS400 (The pump has very little power assist at idle). The solenoid filter has been cleaned (preventive maintenance), the ACV valve under the power steering pump has been replaced (due to a leak), and the fluid flushed. I think the next thing is the PS pump. Thanks.
  2. Replacing the pads looks fairly straightforward (caliper does not need to be messed with). However, getting the caliper out and to remove the rotor look more complicated.
  3. Trying to replace the rotor and pads on my 97 LS400. Found out that the bolt holding the caliper is a torx type which I do not have the tool. Anybody know what the torx size is since I'll have to buy it to do this job. Also looks like I'll have to remove the brake line to the caliper to get access to this bolt. Has anyone done this (replace rotor/pads) on the 97 LS400 and can tell me if there are any other gochas or tips before I tackle this. It looks very different than the 90-94 LS400 described in the lexls tutorials. Thanks.
  4. Thanks for the tip. I've researched the problem, but it seems most of the problem with the instrument panel were with the 90-94 LS400. Didn't see much with the 95-97 series. I've hit the instrument panel gently without success. I'm afraid to bang it harder since it might damage the more important speedometer. The tachometer did come back to life after a long trip yesterday, but is dead again this morning. It's definitely an intermittent problem. Revving the engine up to put pressure on the needle is a very good idea and I'll try it tomorrow. At least it sounds like I didn't break anything, rather the previous owner didn't say anything about it when I purchased the car. Weather here is very hot (90F) and I purchased the car when the weather was much cooler.
  5. Just purchased a 97 LS400 with 130,000 mile on it. Proceeded to flush transmission fluid, replace serpentine belt, and attempted to flush the power steering fluid (couldn't get the return hose off the resevoir). After doing this, my RPM gauge stopped working ??? All the other gauges works fine though. Car runs fine and ODBII scanner shows no anomaly. Scanner show the RPM correctly, yet the instrument panel RPM gauge is stuck at zero. Any ideas as to what I might have done wrong ? Also reset the system (ie disconnect the battery and reconnect) but did not help.
  6. Would having an air leak in this hose causes a MIL of P0170 (Fuel Trim malfunction). Everything was fine until I cleaned the throttle body and replaced the air cleaner. I'm still having this fault after a MAF cleaning. What else could be causing it ? The engine seems to run fine despite the fault, perhaps slightly worse in fuel economy though.
  7. Another data point ... I took off the MAF sensor and blew some air in there to clean it up. Also hooked up an ODBII scanner to get more info on the P0170 code. The engine is running rich, the short term fuel trim is at about +12% (it's lower now that I've cleaned the MAF), but the long term fuel trim is at +29.7% at idle. I think the trip point for the MIL is +30% so it's running very rich. Engine RPM is normal at 670 RPM. I've reset the ECU again. Hopefully, the MIL doesn't come back.
  8. I'm finally successful in uploading a picture. The circled area with the 90 degrees metal tube is the area in question .
  9. Thanks for the quick reply. Resetting the battery (and resetting the code using a OBDII scanner) did not help. The error went away but then came back after a few startups and short trips. I'm still unable to attach a photo. I see an "insert image" button, but when I click it, it wants a URL ("http:") location and there isn't a "browse to" file option.
  10. I just finished cleaning the throttle body of my used 1995 Lexus LS400. When putting it back together, I noticed an unconnected hose from the bottom of the throttle body hanging which I didn't take off during the cleaning (I cheated and didn't disconnect the throttle body from the engine, I disconnected just enough to be able to move the throttle body out of the way to clean it). The other end of the hose is connected to a 90 degrees metal tube. It looks like the metal tube should go into the engine valve cover but it doesn't want to go in very far, so I'm wondering if this is where the hose should be connected. See my picture of where I've attempted to connect the hose to the engine. Can someone look at their 1995 LS400 engine and tell me if I've reconnected it up right (or a picture of where it should go). I've also got a MIL code P0170 which is Fuel Trim error, after the throttle body cleaning so these two may be related. I've also replaced the thermostat, flush the transmission fluid, changed the oil, replaced a very dirty air filter, all at the same time as the throttle body cleaning. Do you guys think the P0170 error code is related to any of these other activities. Thanks. How does one attach a photo to a post ???